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Edward Sheblak 


I teach Communications at Seoul International School. This class allows students a platform for self-expression. We focus on the skills of process writing and public speaking; and the world in which we live, as it technologically advances.

Also, I keep busy as a Model United Nations advisor. Our program involves over 80 students and we attend two international conferences. We also hold our own conference here at SIS.



As a young child I was used for manual labor on a small Texas farm. Routine chores consisted of harvesting agricultural products and canning them for future consumption. In addition, slaughtering and butchering cows, pigs, goats, chickens and deer were frequent ways to pass the time.

My parents, realizing my poor aptitude for agrarian self-servitude, placed much emphasis on my schooling. In 1986 I graduated from Edna High School in Edna, Texas. I attended Lon Morris College, Jacksonville, Texas on a theatre and academic scholarship. After two years I transferred to Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and received a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Production in 1990.


In 1992, I entered a Masters of Education program. Soon I found myself in the inner city of Houston teaching Latino immigrants English as Second Language. After my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction: Second Language Education; and obtaining my Texas teaching accreditation, I joined the US Peace Corps.

US Peace Corps – Philippines gave me the opportunity to be a teacher trainer and work on Department of Education and Culture curriculum projects. The islands and friendly people fostered a love for international living. I have been hooked ever since. TEACHING in the international arena is where I want to be.


So now I live and teach in Seoul, Korea. I have finished two years and will return for a few more. Keeping pace with changing media and technological developments makes me keen for the next millennium. Where that leads, I don’t know. Only time will tell.


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