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    • Anatomy of Islam - About Islam & Muslims

    • Short article on the influence of Shari'a in Muslim society on Worship, Moral Code and Legal System.
    • Bimaristans in the Islamic World - Islam Set

    • Article on the historical development of hospitals and medical training in the Islamic world. Includes mention of mental hospitals, leprosy, prison hospitals and mobile hospitals.
    • Caring for Muslim Patients - Edited by Aziz Sheikh and Abdul Rashid Gatrad -  Radcliffe Medical Press. 

    • Online book with topics including: 
      Introduction, Muslims in Britain: demographic and socio-economic position, Muslim grand narrative, Health and disease: an Islamic framework, Family: predicament and promise, Birth customs: meaning and significance, Managing the fasting patient: sacred  ritual, modern challenges, Hajj: journey of a lifetime, Death and bereavement: an exploration and a meditation,  Appendix 1: Islam and medicine on the World Wide Web, Appendix 2: Muslim organisations, Glossary.
    • Circumcision - About Islam & Muslims

    • Brief  introduction with links to: 
      • Male Circumcision and Rules for Cleanliness in Islam
      • Medical Benefits from Male Circumcision, Dr. Brian J. Morris
    • Concept of Good Health - International Islamic University Malaysia

    • An article describing how the Muslim faith supports the promotion of good health.
    • Disease (Al Maradh) - International Islamic University, Malaysia 

    • An article discussing disease and the Qur'an. 
    • Environmental Health an Islamic Perspective - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office WHO

    • Online book. Based on the opinions of eminent Muslim scholars.
    • Family Life - About.com

    • Metasite. Links to information about Islamic family resources. Includes: marriage, parenting, care of the elderly, youth & children.
    • Health -Islam Online 

    • Health articles and news selected by committee of the major scholars throughout the Islamic world, headed by Dr. Yusuf Qardawi,  to ensure that nothing on this site violates the fixed principles of Islamic law (Shar'ia).
    • Health an Islamic Perspective - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office WHO

    • Online book. Based on the opinions of eminent Muslim scholars.
    • Health: an Islamic Perspective - Islamset

    • A wide variety of articles and topics.
    • Health Concerns For Believers, Contemporary Issues - Shahid Athar , M. D. - Islam-USA.com

    • Articles. Topics include:
        1. Health Maintenance Through Exercise And Nutrition
        2. Health Concerns For Believers 
        3. Health Guidelines From The Quran And Sunnah
        4. Islamic Perspective On Stress Management
        5. Effects Of Prohibited Foods, Intoxicants & Ingredients On Human Hormones & Behavior
        6. Medical Aspects Of Islamic Fasting
        7. Diabetes Mellitus And Ramadan Fasting
        8. Alcohol And Drug Abuse: The American Scene And Islamic Perspective
        9. Islamic Perspectives On Medical Ethics
        10. Ethical Decision- Making In Patient Care
        11. AIDS And Sexually-Transmitted Diseases- 
        12. Care Manual For The Most Incredible Machine
        13. Role Of The Muslim Physician In An Islamic Community.
    • Health Promotion through Islamic Lifestyles; the Amman Declaration, - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office WHO

    • Online book. Based on the opinions of eminent Muslim scholars.
    • Healthcare providers handbook on Muslim Patients  - Queensland Health, Australia

    • Online book, in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader).  This publication deals briefly with those aspects of Islam which would affect treatment of social, psychological, welfare and medical problems of Muslims. Aimed at the non-Muslim caregiver.
    • History of Islam and Medicine

    • http://www-scf.usc.edu/~asoltani/mmswa/html/history.html
    • History of Nursing in Islam - compiled by Sarah Miller, HCT Nursing Program, UAE

    • Short list of some of the first recorded Muslim nurses.
    • Historical Roots of the Nursing Profession in Islam  

    • Abstract of a Paper presented at the 3rd International Nursing Conference "Empowerment and Health: An Agenda for Nurses in the 21st Century" held in Brunei Dar as Salam 1st - 4th November 1998. 
    • Human Life: Its Inception and End as Viewed By Islam - Minutes of a Seminar on Human Life, Kuwait, 01/15/85 - Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences

    • Recommendations outlining the outcomes of the seminar on the Islamic medical definition of life and death.
    • Impact of Islam and Its Teachings on Preservation of Individual and PublicHealth - Dr. Ahmed Shawky Al-Fangary, Kuwait 

    • http://www.islamset.com/hip/Al-Fangary.html#8
    • Islam and Medicine - Section 2.3 Health & Hygiene

    • Metasite with links to topics including: 1. Articles  2. Beard  3. Clothing & Fashion 4. Death & Rituals  5. Food and Food Laws 6. Hair,Nails 7. Islam and Medicine 8. Medication & Toxicology  9. Organ Donation & Transplants  10. Surgery & Treatment
    • Islam, the Muslim World, and Contemporary Issues - Dr. A. Godlas - University of Georgia, U.S.

    • Includes some discussion and links to information about:
        1. General Considerations 
        2. Islam, Peace, Violence, and Terrorism 
        3. Islam and Human Rights 
        4. Islam and Women 
        5. Islam and Slavery 
        6. Islam and Ecology 
        7. Islam and AIDS 
        8. Islam and Media 
    • Islamic Bioethics - Islam Set

    • Includes essays on :
        1. Islamic Perspectives in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
        2. "The Medical Definition of Death
        3. Forbidden and unclean ingredients or Substances (Nagassah) in Food Stuffs and Medicine. 
        4. AIDS Crisis 
        5. "AIDS-related social problems 
        6. Transformation, Additives in Food and Medicine, and Substances, Actions that Nullify the Fasting / Human Cloning
        7. The Islamic Vision of some Medical  Practices: Confidentiality in the Health Profession / Difference between Law and Sharia / Sale of Organs /  Plastic Surgery/ Fate of Fertilized on Ova/ Study On: Menses, Puerperium and Pregnancy. 
        8. Human Reproduction in Islam: Milk Banks, Fetal Sex Selection, Cloning, Test Tube Baby and the Surrogate Motherhood, Surgical, Contraception (Sterilization), Abortion, Medical Examination of the Other Sex 
        9. Organ Transplantation 
        10. Human Life Its Inception And End 
        11. Gentetics, Genetic Engineering, the Human Genes, and Genetic Treatment, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Counselling.
    • Islamic Medicine - International Islamic University Malaysia

    • This article discusses traditional or alternative medicine, historical Islamic medicine, the Qur'an and medicine, values and ethics.
    • Islamic Medicine - History and Current Practice by Husain F. Nagamia MD, Chairman International Institute of Islamic Medicine

    • Examines Islamic medicine mainly from its historical, scientific,
      therapeutic and application viewpoints.
    • Islamic Medicine - Shahid Athar - Islam-USA.com

    • Online book. Headings include: 
          1. Contribution of Islam to Medicine 
          2. Islamic Medicine: 1000 years ahead of its times
          3. Role of a Muslim Doctor
          4. Health Guidelines from Quran and Sunnah 
          5. Islam and Medicine 
          6. Adab-Al-Tabib
          7. Historical Notes 
          8. Islamic Code of Medical Professional Ethics 
          9. Natural Therapeutics of Medicine in Islam 
         10. Application of Tibb-i-Nabi to Modern Medical Practice 
         11. Islamic Philosophy of Medicine
         12. Modem Stress & its cure from Quran
         13. Medical Aspects of Islamic Fasting 
         14. Islamic view of well-being of Man 
         15. Holy Quran and the Psyche 
         16. Islamic Perspective in Medical Ethics
         17. Effects of Prohibited Foods
         18. Sex Education for Muslim Youths and their Parents
         19. The Alchohol & Drug Abuse
    • Islamic Ruling on Animal Slaughter - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office WHO

    • Online book. Based on the opinions of eminent Muslim scholars.
    • Islamic Rulings on Male and Female Circumcision - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office WHO

    • Online book. Based on the opinions of eminent Muslim scholars.
    • Islamic Ruling on Organ Donation & Transplantation - A. Idris Palmer

    • A brief summary from a 1988 ruling by the Council of Jurists in Riyadh, who concentrate on fiqh issues and rulings.
    • Lectures on Islamic Medicine - International Islamic University Malaysia

    • Topics include: 
        1. Last Day
        2. After-life
        3. Alimentary System
        4. Human Behavior 
        5. Human Cloning
        6. Death
        7. Disease
        8. Euthanasia 
        9. Body Hygiene 
        10. Health 
        11. Surgery in Islam
        12. Human Sexuality
        13. Islamic Medicine 
        14. Medical Treatment 
        15. Mental State 
        15. Musculo-skeletal System and Physical Exercise
        16. Nursing Profession in the Muslim World 
        17. Psychological and Mental Health
        18. Historical Roots of the Nursing Profession in Islam.
    • Legal Profiles - United Arab Emirates - Islamic Family Law - Emory University School of Law

    • Includes: Legal System/History, Schools of Fiqh, Constitutional Status of Islam(ic Law), Court System, Relevant Legislation, Notable Features, Notable Cases, Law/Case Reporting System, International Conventions (with Relevant Reservations) and Background & Sources.
    • Marriage: Among relatives - IslamiCity.com

    • One brief Islamic interpretation of cosanguinous marriage
    • Medical Treatment (Al Tatbib) - International Islamic University Malaysia

    • An article examining the basis for medical treatment in the Quran and sunnah.
    • Muslim Beliefs and Practices Affecting Health Care - Abdulaziz Sachedina

    • Topics include: Birth Rites, Dietary Regulations, Determination of Death, Necessary to Life Interventions, Postmortem Examination, Death Rites, Abortion and Birth Control, Personal Devotions, Religious Objects,  Special Care of Women 
    • Muslim Parenting - Islamia 

    • Excerpts from book "The Child in Islam" by Norma Tarazi.
    • Punishment in Islam - Sister's Pens - Al Haramain Foundation Online Newsletter, v. 4/8

    • Brief article in an online journal. Discusses types of crimes & role of punishment in Islam.
    • Religious Human Rights and the Qur'an - Riffat Hassan - Excerpted from Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective p. 361-86 (John Witte, Jr. and Johan D. van der Vyver eds.,Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1996). 

    • Essay on passages within the Qur'an which discuss the rights of the individual including: Right to Life, Right to Respect, Right to Justice, Right to Freedom, Right to Privacy, Right to Protection from Ridicule, Back Biting & Slander, Right to Acquire Knowledge and more.
    • Science and Technology - Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians and Astromomers: Before European Renaissance, 700 - 1500 C.E. 

    • Biographies. Includes a partial list of some of the leading Muslims medical figures in world history.

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