REWIRED archives

11.6.01, I can't go on, I'll go on
by Dennis Claxton

10.13.01, Shut Up
by Daniel Listoe

9.28.01, This Ain't No Mudd Club
by Dennis Claxton

9.14.01, Shock Waves
by Timothy Druckrey

9.7.01, Another Half-Century of Dishonor?
by Daniel Listoe

8.27.01, The Second Skin of Theory
by Daniel Listoe

8.13.01, Always Criticize
by Dennis Claxton

8.1.01, "Make the Pie Higher"
by Dennis Claxton

7.24.01, "Authorised Butchery"
by David Hudson

7.16.01, Talk of Peace
by Daniel Listoe

7.07.01, The Look of Justice
by Daniel Listoe

6.28.01, O'Neill is a Fink
by Dennis Claxton

6.20.01, The Web is still just the Web
by Dennis Claxton

6.11.01, Capital Schmooze
by Armin Medosch

5.31.01, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
by Dennis Claxton

5.21.01, Day in LA
by Dennis Claxton

5.14.01, The Euro Bobo is a Faux Bobo
by David Hudson

5.7.01, Facts are Stupid Things
by Dennis Claxton

4.27.01, Odd Songs
by Dennis Claxton

4.6.01, Earth: One Kissed-Off, Pissed-Off Planet
by David Hudson

3.5.01, The Old Weird America
by Dennis Claxton

2.8.01, The New Weird America
by Dennis Claxton

1.12.01, Count Disney
by Dennis Claxton

1.02.01, 2001 Blues
by Jon Lebkowsky

12.29.00, That Inevitable Year
by David Hudson

12.06.00, Ghosts of the Civil Dead
by Dennis Claxton

11.22.00, I Love a Man in a Uniform
by Dennis Claxton

11.10.00, We Interrupt this Program
by Dennis Claxton

11.3.00, Momism and Campaign 2000
by Dennis Claxton

10.27.00, SF RIP
by Dennis Claxton

10.11.00, Al Gore, Reading Columbus Day
by Dennis Claxton

10.05.00, Al Gore, Lock and Load
by Dennis Claxton

9.28.00, Back Pages
by Dennis Claxton

9.19.00, Baseball is like Business
by Dennis Claxton

9.7.00, Jerry's Pity Party
by Dennis Claxton

8.29.00, Faces of Globalization
by Dennis Claxton

8.23.00, Remember the 30s!
by Dennis Claxton

8.9.00, To Hell With Poverty
by Dennis Claxton

4.19.99, Living in Bombland: A Serbian Diary
by Vladislava Gordic

4.12.99, Living in Bombland: A Serbian Diary
by Vladislava Gordic

4.9.99, Living in Bombland: A Serbian Diary
by Vladislava Gordic

4.5.99, The Pause Before the March
by David Hudson

3.29.99, Living in Bombland: A Serbian Diary
by Vladislava Gordic

3.16.99, Someone Unknown
by Dennis Claxton

3.8.99, Part Two: The Frailty of the Intellect
by Cliff Barney

3.1.99, Part One: The Spirit of '68
by Cliff Barney

2.23.99, Reel Power
by David Hudson

2.1.99, I, Pundit
by Paul Kedrosky

1.25.99, What You Missed
by Alex Massie

1.18.99, Wired, More or Less
by Owen Thomas

1.6.99, The Turnaround
by David Hudson

12.14.98, A Branch in the Industry
by David Hudson

12.7.98, Webzine Heresy
by David Hudson

12.02.98, The Edge of the Net: Charenton
by Cliff Barney

11.17.98, This Boy's Life
by David Hudson

11.9.98, Glamorous Green
by David Hudson

10.26.98, All About Loss: A Talk With Gary Wolf (Part 1)

11.1.98, All About Loss: A Talk With Gary Wolf (Part 2)
by David Hudson

10.19.98, Tech Stocks are the New Derivatives
by Paul Kedrosky

10.12.98, Ka-ching!
by Brad DeLong

A Higher Level of Abstraction
Ted Byfield maps the DNS debates, 9.28.98 - 10.2.98

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

9.14.98, Small Change
by David Hudson

9.21.98, Intermission
by Maura Johnston and David Hudson

9.14.98, Small Change
by David Hudson

9.8.98, The Paralytic Shift
by David Hudson

8.31.98, From "Why?" To MacKay
by Paul Kedrosky

8.24.98, One Last Kick
by David Hudson

8.10.98, Summer Wind
by David Hudson

8.3.98, Leave of the Senses
by David Hudson

by Robin Miller

7.20.98, Digital Salvation
by Joerg Koch

7.13.98, Down in Deutschland
by David Hudson

7.8.98, Courage, Contempt, Truth
by Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer

7.6.98, Mega is in the Mind
by David Hudson

6.15.98, Theory Strikes Again
by Anne Pierce and Frederic Madre

6.8.98, Tease Me
by David Hudson

6.3.98, Sexism and machismo
by Garret Keogh

6.1.98, Return of the Atom
by David Hudson

5.25.98, Traps and Sweatshops: Swiss Lake Talks on the Cyber-Economy
by Niko Waesche

5.20.98, Launching into Space, Part Two
by Owen Thomas

5.19.98, Launching into Space, Part One
by Owen Thomas

5.11.98, Euro Junk
by Dennis Claxton

5.4.98, On Becoming a Mature Internet User
by Robin Miller

4.27.98, Today's Articlets
by David Hudson

4.20.98, Webdesign.de
by David Hudson

4.13.98, Oklahoma, ok?
by Dennis Claxton

4.6.98, Show vs. Tell
by David Hudson

3.30.98, Lenaustrasse
by David Hudson

3.23.98, Out With the Old
by David Hudson

3.16.98, Insider Out
by David Hudson

3.13.98, Technowha?
by David Hudson

3.12.98, Just One Question
by David Hudson

3.11.98, Slouching Towards a Defter Heft
by David Hudson

3.10.98, Radical Simplicity
by David Hudson

3.9.98, Three Cheers for the Luddites
by Dennis Claxton

3.2.98, Threads and Threats
by David Hudson

2.27.98, Der Schlager
by David Hudson

2.26.98, The Old Search for the New
by Robin Miller

2.25.98, The Last Guy
by David Hudson

2.24.98, Pie Me!
by Stefan Krempl

2.23.98, The Unbearable Heaviness of Slate
by Brad De Long

2.16.98, Notes on an Academic Conference:
The Left Conservatism Workshop at the University of California, Santa Cruz
by Dennis Claxton

2.09.98, Aftermath
by David Hudson

2.05.98, In the Name of the Net
by David Hudson

2.04.98, Not a Pretty Picture
by David Hudson

2.03.98, Imagining Independence
by David Hudson

2.02.98, Sauerkraut Boulevard
by David Hudson

1.30.98, On the Shoulders of Brick Layers
by Robin Miller

REWIRED Spends A Week With Cliff Barney

1.29.98, The Information Age: A Summary: III. End of Millenium
1.28.98, The Information Age: A Summary: II. The Power of Identity
1.27.98, The Information Age: A Summary: I. The Rise of the Network Society
1.26.98, Manuel Castells's Global World Report
1.23.98, Frontier Justice

1.22.98, Song Remains the Same
by e

1.21.98, "Is Steel Good or Bad?"
by David Hudson

1.20.98, The Monster vs. The Monsters
by David Hudson

1.19.98, Raising the Bar
by David Hudson

1.12.98, Hackers: Stick to the Keyboard!
by Boris Groendahl

1.9.98, Edit.
by David Hudson

1.8.98, Absolut Party
by Rebecca Eisenberg
Ron Hogan
Derek Powazek
and Owen Thomas

1.7.98, Make (a reasonable amount of) Money Fast(er than before)!!
by Robin Miller

1.6.98, But seriously...
by David Hudson

1.5.98, Deutsche Hellakom
by David Hudson

12.29.97, 1997: Mourning Celebration
by David Hudson

12.22.97, The Materiality Test
by Tilman Baumgaertel

12.01.97 - 12.17.97, The REWIRED Series on Kevin Kelly's "New Rules for the New Economy.":

Series Intro - by David Hudson
New Metaphors for an Old Economy - by Doug Henwood
The Diaper Fallacy Strikes Again - by Paulina Borsook
Late Twentieth Century Boosterism and the New Economy - by Dennis Claxton
Significance is Relative, so is Momentum - by Niko Waesche
Kevin Kelly, Technocommunist - by Ellen Ullman
Old Rules for the New Economy - by J. Bradford De Long
The Generous Pusher - by Felix Stalder
Praying to Mammon - by Jamie King
Buy Low, Sell High - by Jim Balderston
Nirvana of Flow - by Paul Treanor
The Future We Want - by Tim Redmond
So Very Early 1995 - by Owen Thomas

11.25.97, INPC Press Release
by David Hudson

11.24.97, Fits and Starts
by David Hudson

11.17.97, The Persistence of the Written Word
by David Hudson

11.13.97, A Short-Lived Moment
by David Hudson

11.12.97, Everywhere These Days
by David Hudson

11.11.97, Makers and Breakers
by David Hudson

11.10.97, European Union
by David Hudson

11.07.97, Around the World
by David Hudson

11.06.97, Over One Billion Served
by David Hudson

11.05.97, The Prufrock Shuffle
by David Hudson

11.04.97, The Man and the Mark
by David Hudson

11.03.97, Is Thinking Overrated?
by David Hudson

10.31.97, Coming Round Full Circle: The Financial Markets as Pop Events
by Felix Stalder

10.30.97, Schuffenecker's Revenge
by David Hudson

10.29.97, Annie Go Home
by David Hudson

10.28.97, The Global Financial Crisis
by Michel Chossudovsky

10.27.97, "More Signal, Less Noise"
by David Hudson

10.24.97, Mom Nature on Speed
by David Hudson

10.23.97, Consuming Pictures
by David Hudson

10.22.97, Cee-SOT-Yee, Bite Me
by Greg Knauss

10.21.97, Who Else Could Stop Microsoft?
by David Hudson

10.20.97, Smoking Tape Without a Filter
by David Hudson

10.17.97, Euro net.mags: 9
The UK: Mute, part 2
by David Hudson

10.16.97, Euro net.mags: 9
The UK: Mute, part 1
by David Hudson

10.15.97, Euro net.mags: 8
Frederic Madre. He comes from France.
by David Hudson

10.14.97, Euro net.mags: 7
Italy: Neural
by David Hudson

10.13.97, Euro net.mags: 6
Belgium: Andere Sinema
by David Hudson

10.10.97, Euro net.mags: 5
by David Hudson

10.9.97, Euro net.mags: 4
Giesbert Damaschke on Pl@net
by David Hudson

10.8.97, Euro net.mags: 3
by David Hudson

10.7.97, Euro net.mags: 2
1,000 Words Against German Mediocrity, or Just Another Konr@d Diss
by Joerg Koch

10.06.97, Euro net.mags: Intro
by David Hudson

9.29.97, 25,000+ People a Day and No One Asks Isadora
by Isadora Alman

9.26.97, Redocumenta'd
by David Hudson

9.25.97, Media Circus
by David Hudson

9.24.97, Speculative Spectacle
by David Hudson

9.23.97, The Benefits of Morons
by David Hudson

9.22.97, Rewired News
by David Hudson

9.15.97 - 9.19.97, Telediagnosis: The Human Information Machine
Ars Electronica 97, or Media Art as Medical History
9.15 Part 1
9.16 Part 2
9.17 Part 3
9.18 Part 4
9.19 Part 5

by Armin Medosch

9.8.97, Hypertextual Berlin
by David Hudson

9.1.97, Design Nerds
by Vicky Tiegelkamp

8.25.97, net.wait
by David Walker

8.18.97, Alles in Ordnung: An Interview with Ingo Ruhmann
by Michael Langer

8.11.97, Anatomical Rant
by Nikki Douglas

8.4.97, Postscript
by David Hudson

7.28.97, Who's REVOLTING!?
by David Hudson

7.21.97, On the Origins of the Great Internet Circle Jerk
by by Robin Miller

7.14.97, Human Behavior
by David Hudson

7.7.97, The New Victoriana
by Ian Betteridge

6.30.97, The Two Doug Rushkoffs
by Rebecca Eisenberg

6.23.97, Maintaining the Lines of Autonomy:
A talk with Critical Art Ensamble, Part 2
by David Hudson

6.16.97, Maintaining the Lines of Autonomy:
A talk with Critical Art Ensemble, Part 1
by David Hudson

A REWIRED Extravaganza! 6.9.97 - 6.13.97
by Inke Arns and Andreas Broeckmann
Part I: Small Media Normality for the East
Part II: Eastern Europe Watching
Part III: Soluble History
Part IV: "Open Society" and "New World Order"
Part V: Everyday Media Art
Part VI: Critical Technology
Part VII: Going East, Going West

6.2.97, Gift Economy.
by Ed Phillips

5.26.97, Why it Won't Work
by David Hudson and Andrew Sullivan

5.19.97, Of Two Minds

5.12.97, The Gunafa Twins

5.5.97, Hard Drive
by Robin Miller

4.28.97, Identity is a Site of Contention
by Ron Morgan

4.21.97, Thunderclouds on the Net's Horizon
by Sabine Helmers

4.14.97, InfoWars
by Jessica Livingston

4.7.97, Parentocracy
by Rebecca Eisenberg

3.31.97, On Cults, Computers, and Cash
by Ken McCarthy

3.24.97, Multimedia Expatriot

3.17.97, O, those Swashbuckling Geeks!

3.10.97, My Own Private Time Zone

3.3.97, A Critique of Push Media: On the rebirth strategies of Wired magazine
by Geert Lovink

2.24.97, Catch of the Day: The Blue-Footed Booby
by Cliff Barney

2.17.97, Hella Whorella

2.10.97, An Interview with Angela Marquardt
by Tilman Baumgaertel

2.3.97, Plundering the Domain
by Boris Groendahl

1.27.97, Hot Buttons and Slow Burners

1.20.97, Beyond California & Tune in, Drop Out
by Mitchell Halberstadt & Rebecca Eisenberg respectively

1.13.97, Flamboyant Birds

1.6.97, Net.Crit & Pit

12.30.96, The Rewired Formula: New and Improved!

12.27.96, Fishing with a Net
by Cliff Barney

12.25.96, Turn it off.

12.23.96, Data Conflicts
by Harald Weilnboeck

12.20.96, Bigger than tinysex 2
A talk with Julian Dibbell: Part II

12.18.96, Bigger than tinysex 1
A talk with Julian Dibbell: Part I

12.16.96, Survival Begins at Home

12.13.96, Retroactive
by Rebecca L. Eisenberg

12.11.96, Random Excess Memory

12.9.96, The Capital of Uncertainty

12.6.96, Community Access '96
by Steve Cisler

12.4.96, Eavesdropping

12.2.96, Meeting of the Bodies

11.27.96, Performance

11.25.96, Care and Maintenance

11.22.96, The English Ideology and WIRED Magazine:
Part 3 of Mark Stahlman's geneology of the digerati

11.20.96, The English Ideology and WIRED Magazine:
Part 2 of Mark Stahlman's geneology of the digerati

11.18.96, The English Ideology and WIRED Magazine:
Part I of Mark Stahlman's geneology of the digerati

11.15.96, Balancing Act:
Part III of our interview with Howard Rheingold

11.13.96, Money Talk:
Part II of our interview with Howard Rheingold

11.11.96, The High-bred Hybrid:
Part I of our interview with Howard Rheingold

11.8.96, Art Whores

11.6.96, It didn't happen.

11.4.96, Info Fix

11.1.96, Unnatural Highs

10.30.96, Sympathy

10.28.96, Weary Focus

10.25.96, Spooky

10.23.96, The Big Four and the Rest

10.21.96, What's the Point?

10.18.96, When it rains...

10.16.96, Can we talk?

10.14.96, Everything's going their way...

10.11.96, It takes a Philanthropist

10.09.96, Verisimilitude

10.7.96, Bad Attitude

10.4.96, Gotta Upgrade?

10.2.96, Tempering the Buzz

9.30.96, DIY Spunk

9.27.96, Smart Newbie on a Budget

9.25.96, The Big Snooze

9.23.96, A Scrap of Email and a Puppet Show

9.20.96, It's only a magazine.

9.18.96, Dream Jobs

9.16.96, Sudden Death

9.13.96, Epic Loss

9.11.96, Here we go again...

9.9.96, Luddite Lite

9.6.96, Barring the Bio-Babbling Brook

9.4.96, That Memesis Thesis

9.2.96, Roger. Over and out.

8.30.96, Downright Clintonian

8.28.96, The Paper Route

8.26.96, 21st Century Express

8.23.96, oh, This is clever...

The Borsook Saga, Part II
8.21.96, Because it really, really, really, really matters.

The Borsook Saga, Part I
8.19.96, Suddenly, This Summer

8.16.96, Creature Feature.

8.13.96, Pretzel Logic, Schadenfreude and the Flames of Hell

8.9.96, Con.txt

8.7.96, Will 'tude for Food

8.5.96, Serfing the Net

8.1.96, The First Mile. And the Last.

7.31.96, Imitation of Strife.

7.29.96, Can't get no.

7.24.96, What$ in a name...

7.22.96, World Wide Waterloo?

7.19.96, Achtung, baby.

7.17.96, Realizing Virtual Value

7.15.96, Conversationalists

7.12.96, Herds

7.11.96, Trust

7.10.96, the World rushes in

7.9.96, State d'Art

7.8.96, Hits & low blows to the belly of Mass Marketing

7.5.96, Before and After Commerce

7.3.96, This is NOT yet another Slate review...

7.2.96, Who owns the revolution?

7.1.96, The practical uses of VR

6.28.96, Exiles

6.27.96, 30 million channels and nothing on

6.26.96, neither a Luddite nor a Utopian be

6.25.96, Coin op apps

6.24.96, The Other Californians

6.21.96, Why MSN & AOL Are Mining Alternative Content

6.21.96, Reservations

6.20.96, home/box/office

6.19.96, what ever happened to The Future?

6.18.96, 15 nanoseconds

6.14.96, Zine Survival Tactics

6.13.96, Memo to starving screenwriters

6.12.96, A Web of one's own

6.11.96, Deconstructing the Global Simulcast

6.10.96, The Web is no way to make things better.

6.09.96, Rewired

6.08.96, the Web is the Web is the Web