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News  HeadLines in  Fri  9  Nov   2001

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Khatami arrives in New York New York, Nov 9, IRNA -- President Mohammad Khatami on Thursday arrived in New York and was received at the John F. Kennedy Airport by Iran's permanent ambassador to the United Nations Hadi Nejad-Hosseinian and several other Iranian officials. Khatami is to attend a special session of the UN General Assembly on the dialogue among civilizations to have an international convention on the theme approved. The United Nations designated 2001, as the Year of Dialogue among Civilizations on President Khatami's initiative. He will also address the General Assembly on Iran's views on the civilizational dialogue and recent international developments in the wake of the September 11 attack on the US as well as the ongoing Afghan crisis. Several other officials, including Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, the head of Iran's center in the dialogue among civilizations Ataollah Mohajerani and deputy foreign minister in legal affairs Javad Zarif, are accompanying Khatami in the trip. Khatami was scheduled to meet with the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on Thursday. He is also scheduled to meet with the heads of the Islamic centers in the US. He will further touch on Zionist Israeli forces' massive killing of the Palestinian peoples in the occupied territories. In his meetings with the heads of states of participating countries in the Assembly, Khatami will also discuss mutual cooperation between Iran and world countries. The Iranian president is taking a new paradigm to the General Assembly this year, calling for a coalition peace. The idea sounds key to counterpoise ongoing belligerent efforts in the Middle East as the United States tries to rally world countries on a military blitz on Afghanistan, accused by Washington of sheltering terrorists. "The idea of a coalition for peace may seem strange to some powers and certain countries, but I believe this proposal will receive the approval of the world public opinion," said Khatami in Tehran Thursday, before leaving for New York. He called his trip to the United Nations a "normal visit", saying "we hope to build a world where the rights of all human beings are respected and any grounds for violence and injustice are removed." BH/AR End

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Khatami calls for global sympathy United Nations, New York, Nov 9, IRNA -- The President of Iran, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, called on the world to replace violence with love and morale wisdom. Addressing the heads of member countries at the General Assembly of the United Nations, Khatami said: "Let's shake hands with those who are willing to replace violence with love, harsh noise of explosion with call of life and human voice and those who respect the human race and not racism because this is the ethical wisdom and affectionate heart that has kept the universe alive."

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Iran's President Khatami invites the mankind to love each other New York, United Nations, Nov 9, IRNA -- Speaking at the the UN General Assembly meeting to mark "the Year for Dialog Among Civilizations" the initiator of that idea invited the mankind to "ethcal rationalism" and "loving each other" rahther than "observing cruetly and brutality." Addressing the world leaders and high ranking representatives of various nations, Iran's President Seyed Mohammad Khatami siad, "let us lovingly grip the hands of those who have extended them for kindness, rather than observing cruelty and hear the voilce of life, the voice of kind human beings rather than the harsh noise of explosions. He added, "let us not forget that if life has not ceased to exist on earth until our age, that is due to ethical rationalism and hearts that have been filled with love." President Khatami argued that today, too, like 25 centuries ago, in order to get seriously involved in a fruitful dialogue, one needs to have an exalted soul that is purified from all vices, to be humble and to wash hands off claims of possesing the whole and absolute truth. Emphaiszing that it is necccessary to appreciate diversity where the human element is involoved in every field, and to consider such varieties not only as positive points, but also as "unique opportunities" that can be employed in the service of constructing a bright new world in which peace, freedom and justice would prevail, President Khatami advised the mankind and the world leaders to wash their hands off "itentional deafness," to which they seem to pretend. "the inescapable result of such volunteery deafness and not hearing the voice of our opponents is the outbreak of devastating wars," argued the Iranian president. The architect of Dialogue Among Civilizations siad, "the September 11 terrorist blasts in America can only be the job of a goup that have volunteerily severed their own ears and tongues, so that the only language with which they could communicate would be destroying and spreading death." Khatami added, "not hearing the voice of the Afghan children, women, old men and old women, those whose only share of life has been embracing gradual death, permanent horror, starvation, and various types of diseases, too, is only possible for those whose ears are deafened with boasting too much of their power, so they not only do not hear the voice of their well-wishers, but alos fail to hear the vailing of the oppressed." Referring to Iran's immediate condemnation of the recent terrorist attacks against the American citizens and Tehran's proposal to the UN Secretary General Kofi Amnan to arrange for talks among the world's heads of states to draft the sketch of an effective global campaign against international terrorism, aimed at uprooting that ill-natured phenomenon, President Khatami said, "it is the most appropriate historoic moment to hesitate and contemplate about the causes and effects of this cathastrophe. Khatami said that terrorism is the (bitter) fruit of the ominous union between blind bigotry with power and at the service of systematic hallucination that despite all the propagation and words it employs, is nothing but retrospection of man's destructive subconcience. He reiterated that without love and getting fully emerged in spirituality, religion, and beauty, man would spend all the immense horrendous power he has embeded in his uncoucious at the service of death, destroying the universe and inflicting painful losses against mankind. The Iranian president said that the easiest thing to do for the politicians and military commanders is to blame the nasty conduct of a certain country, group or followers of a religion for the disasterous (Septemeber 11) US incidence, the whole terrorist disasters, and all the miseries suffered by the victims of brutality in different parts of the world. "But adopting such an attitude is obviously fleeing form providing logical explanations, not answering the question," added President Khatami. The charismatic Iranain leader argued that opression is neither a new phenomena, nor can it be attributed solely to a particular people, but what produces explosive substances out of the substance of oppression, is the severeness of the extent of oppression to a degree that can cause depression. Khatami emphasized, "it is not (ethically) permitted to depress masses of people." He further emaborated that, "that is not merely a friendly ethical suggestion, but the prerequisite for social and political survival in a world in which the fates of all human beings are tightly intermingeld with each other." He said, "if we have lost the ability to love each other, let us at least love ourselves and for the mere sake of our own suvival, not to treat the others in a way to make them lose hope in thier lives, because a depressed man without hope will only be relieved with embracig death -- or making others embrace it. NA/AR End

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