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Skipper checks out the latest Clean Run.
WAY... too much chocolate!!
Agility Barbie likes her chocolate.
The Trials of Agility Barbie!
The two Barbs looking fabulous!
"AB" catches some rays. (spf 42 applied)

This page was last updated on: November 25, 2001

Barbie works on her Clean Run Course Design.
Skipper and and her Jack Russell, Dammit.  Barbie and her Golden Retriever Brandy.
Skipper checks out the latest Clean Run.
Barbie, Skipper and the agility team lookin ' FABULOUS" hangin' at their pad.
"Trouble" the BC keeps an eye on the ball.
As a responsible pet owner, Barbie always "stoops and scoops"
The Team!
Hoover the Labrador, Jigsaw the Aussie, Dammit the JRT, Brandy the Golden pup
and Trouble the Border Collie.
Now playing: "The Barbie of Seville"
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