DaimlerChrysler Commits $10 Million to Help Children Who Have Lost Parents in Terrorist Attacks
  • Jürgen Schrempp: "Signal for humanity and solidarity"
  • Additional fund established for contributions from employees, dealers, and suppliers of DaimlerChrysler

Stuttgart, Germany / Auburn Hills, USA, September 13, 2001

DaimlerChrysler is committing $10 million, through the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund, to support the children of victims of the terrorist attacks. Additional donations from members of the DaimlerChrysler family around the globe - including employees, dealers and suppliers - will be established through the Fund, said DaimlerChrysler AG Chairman Jürgen E. Schrempp.

"In these difficult hours, for the civilized world and especially for the American people, we want to send a signal of humanity and solidarity," said Schrempp. "The attacks have deeply affected the lives and futures of many children who have lost a mother or father. While this can never replace the void in these childrens' lives, it can help give them renewed hope."

In addition, DaimlerChrysler employees, dealers and suppliers around the world have expressed a desire to help in this effort. As a result, DaimlerChrysler will open an account so that contributions can be made from the DaimlerChrysler family around the globe.

The money will be used for various kinds of support, including educational needs.

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In the United States, contributions can be made to the
"DaimlerChrysler Help the Children Fund" by sending checks to the

DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund,
PO Box 218006,
Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA 48321-9955
(CIMS 485-02-46).

In Germany, contributions can be made through

Deutsche Bank, Stuttgart,
BLZ: 600 700 70,
Account No. 100 000.


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