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The fall of Abdulqasim!!! The only honorable way he can help Somalia is the abdication of the Presidential title.
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Xariri Column

Neglected Leaders
Xiriri, Saudi Arabia

April 20, 2001

No doubt good leader have significant effect in improving the status of nations, and that is why we see structures, such as a buildings, monument or sculpture, erected as a memorial for certain leaders around the world. But, we always overlook the fact that these leaders could do nothing if the nations they ruled were not properly cooperating with them and this reminds me Abraham Lincoln who once said "No man is good enough to govern another without that other's consent.

If I come back to the Somalis, are we actually victims of bad leadership, as many intellectuals say or are our leaders victims of our prejudiced behavior and misjudgment?

Contrary to what many Somalis believe, I am of the opinion that we are inferior nation, who are not suited by any good leader and history tells us that most of Somali's former leaders, utterly, failed to find good people to govern. In order you do not get the impression that I am exaggerating the matter, let us see the following facts together:-

  1. The first Somali freedom fighter Sayed Mohamed Abdulle Hassan was defeated when we joined the colonial forces to crush him. Later many patriots, including, Sh. Basheer, who attempted to revive the revolution met the same approach.
  2. We all know that fellow Somalis, who were simply working for the Italians, killed some prominent SYL leaders including Hawo Tako.
  3. The first Somali government, formed during the trusteeship, was openly dubbed "Governo Sa'ad" due to the clan of the president, Abdullahi Isse.
  4. We shunned the honest first president of the republic, Aden Abdulle (Adde) due to the fact that his sub-clan was outnumbered.
  5. We assassinated the great, devout president A. Rasheed A. Sharmarke, because he was merely too good to rule Somalia.
  6. Even the controversial president, Mohamed Siyad Bare, some of his top ranking officers had established links with the enemy to defeat him in the Ogaden war.

When I calculated these points I found out that we are the ones who hindered and let down their legitimate leaders. Later, we divided ourselves into the warlords who in their turn torn off the country into clan-based fiefdoms, as the media say.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight that it is the time now to stop using the leaders as scapegoats, and it is time to commence correcting our mistakes. The problem is not from the underprivileged leaders..it is candidly from ourselves.

Xariri - Saudi Arabia
Posted: April 20, 2001

Eeg sawirka oo weyn
Sawirkani waa Madaxweynaha DKM, Cabdi Qasim Salaad Xasan iyo wasirka gaashandhiga ee Saudi Arabia, Amir Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, mar uu madaxweynuhu booqasho ku marayey Saudi Arabia.
Submitted by: Xiriri, Saudi Arabia
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Usheeg Asxaabtaada | Talo Bixin
Allah Is Great
. Tue, December 04, 2001

Somalia maanta
Adan Abdulle Osman (Cadde)
Madaxweyne: 1960-66
Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke
Madaxweyne: 1966-69
Mohamed Siad Barre
Madaxweyne: 1969-91
AbdulQasim Salad Hassan
madaxweyne: 2000 - hadda
Ali Khaliif Galayd
Ra'iisul wasaare: 2000 - Hadda
Seyid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan
Dhagax Tuur
wafti Eeg sawirka oo weyn
wafdi Eeg sawirka oo weyn
Submitted by:
Xiriri, Saudi Arabia

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