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Dec 4 - Vare Looks To 'Andromeda's' Future
Co-producer talks Wolfe's departure and fan reaction. Plus: Second season finale title revealed!

Dec 4 - Steady Ratings For 'All Too Human'
'Andromeda' returns to the top of the first-run weekly hours.

Dec 3 - Review: Into the Labyrinth
Dylan and Harper both contemplate alliances with dangerous characters.

Dec 2 - Vare's 'Patently Female' Hits The Shelves
'Andromeda' co-producer's book on female inventors released.

Dec 2 - Site Columns
Farscape, BBS threads, poll & TV listings.

Nov 29 - Jammer Rates 'Andromeda's' Latest
Web reviewer gives 'All Too Human' and 'Una Salus Victus' good marks.

Nov 28 - Sorbo On His Vision For 'Andromeda'
Star and executive producer wants the series to have a change in direction this season.

Nov 28 - Marsters Praises Sorbo's Performance
'Buffy' actor on measuring up to 'Andromeda's' star.

Nov 27 - 'Andromeda' Ratings Fall Again
'Last Call at the Broken Hammer' comes in second behind 'Stargate: SG-1.'

Nov 26 - Keith Hamilton Cobb Has A Message For Fans
Tyr Anazasi actor reassures viewers that the 'Andromeda' cast is comited to the show and its characters.

Nov 26 - Review: Home Fires
Two faces from Dylan's past haunt the Commonwealth's future in this tale of betrayal.

Nov 25 - Hewitt Wolfe Answers Fan Questions
Former executive producer responds to queries concerning his departure from 'Andromeda.'

Nov 25 - The Cynic Takes On Recent Episodes
David E. Sluss casts a critical eye over 'All Too Human' and 'Una Salus Victus.'

Nov 25 - News Bullets
Gray interview, action figures, re-run schedule, Vare's column & site updates.

Nov 24 - Cast Excited About Future Developments
Doig talks individuality, Bertram & Sorbo on what's in store for Trance.

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Sorbo On His Vision For 'Andromeda'

By Caillan
November 28, 2001 - 11:05 AM

Following the departure of Andromeda developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, series star Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt) yesterday revealed his own creative vision for the series. According to the actor, the show's ongoing storyline was preventing new viewers from enjoying the crew's adventures.

"We said, 'Look, the idea of the show is supposed to be like the original Star Trek, where there's a beginning, middle and end, boom, you move on," Sorbo told Kate O'Hare at Zap2it. "If you come in as a casual viewer and watch one or two episodes a month, you have fun. You know what's going on, you're not confused.' That was the biggest problem in season one."

Per this new approach to the series, Dylan Hunt's mission is set to get an overhaul. "Season two is so much better, I think. At the end of this season, we're going to have Hunt basically say, not 'to Hell with the Commonwealth,' but he's going to say, 'You know what, I've got his ship, I've got you guys with me, why don't we just go out there and help people who need our help. Let's do some good.' So the show's going to be become more of an adventure, come along for the ride."

The producer thinks that Andromeda is exactly what viewers want to see on television. "People want escapism," he said. "They want to see the good guy beat the bad guy. We want to see triumphs that are good over evil, not see people talk about, 'Oh, she's such a bitch.' Oh god, so boring. It's amazing to me, Temptation Island III, whatever."

To read the full article, head over here at Zap2it. Thanks to Denarva for this!

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