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Important Announcement Regarding this Website:
Last month I made an announcement that I was planning on overhauling and updating this web site. With what I have going on in my life right now I realize that this is not possible. However, I am trying to find someone to take over the website. I have posted information at O'Connor Family Researcher Website Discussion Board which I have set up for this purpose. It is a lot of work for one person. I am hoping that some of you will also volunteer to help out who ever decides to take over the site even if you have no knowledge of creating web pages as there is plenty of ways in which a person can help. If you are interested in seeing this website not only stay up and running but to improve and become a tool you can use, please visit the discussion board and join in the discussion.

Peggy O'Connor
April 26, 2001


Message for all O'Connor Researchers
Please read for information about the status of this website
Message dated June 15, 1999
O'Connor Queries The most recent O'Connor queries posted to the website can be found here
(Updated 15 June 1999) Please read Jun 15 message for status on queries sent in
O'Connor Records O'Connor Records contributed by O'Connor Researchers (Updated 28 May 1998)
O'Connor Surname Websites and Information Links to other O'Connor websites which have information that may be of interest to all O'Connor researchers, plus information on how you can create your own homepage
(Updated 5 July 1998)
O'Connor Spouses Search for your O'Connor ancestors by spouses last name (Updated 15 JUNE 1999)
O'Connor Geographic Location Pages Gateway to resources, records, and O'Connor researchers in your geographic area of interest.
O'Connor Researcher List contains the names and e-mail addresses of contributors (Updated 15 JUNE 1999)
O'Connor Books Books by and about O'Connors (Updated 5 July 1998)
O'Connor Mailing List Ley O'Connor's mailing list is a great way to share and receive info on O'Connors

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Please feel free to use the guestbook below to provide me with some feedback. Thanks for visiting this sight. If you are planning on visiting again in the future please remember to bookmark this site. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peggy O'Connor

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