Welcome To Emacs/W3 4.0

Emacs/W3 is currently being rewritten to better support Emacs 21 and XEmacs 21. If you would like to help, please see the GNU.org w3 page for details.

Emacs/W3 is a full-featured web browser, written entirely in Emacs-Lisp, that supports all the bells and whistles you will find in use on the web today, including frames, tables, stylesheets, and much more. Emacs/W3 runs on most major operating systems, including almost any flavor of Unix, Windows NT/95, AmigaDOS, OS/2, and VMS.

Emacs/W3 4.0.47 is the first release of Emacs/W3 in a very very long time, and is a minor update to make the old code-base work with Emacs 21.

Please read the documentation carefully if you are upgrading. If you run into any problems, please read the FAQ to see if you have run into a common problem.

Emacs/W3 supports asynchronous connections, allowing users to browse numerous sites concurrently, while others continue to download. Tight integration with the standard Emacs mail and news reading packages allows easy sharing of information. And since Emacs is first and foremost the most powerful editor around, the information you uncover on the web can immediately be put to work.

With Emacs/W3, you have yet another reason to never leave Emacs. For all the non-believers, this really is a good thing(tm).

William M. Perry
Last updated: Nov 14, 1999