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My Priorities for Living

After stumbling around trying to figure out what life was all about for almost 40 years, God gave me an opportunity for a fresh start and I became a Christian. As such, I believe that I must first love and worship God and then love others as I love myself.  My greatest desire in life is to learn to listen to God, understand what it is that He created me to do, and then 'just do it!"

In general, my priorities are:

Visit my church's web page! Fellowship Bible Church of NW Arkansas and come visit us! You will be glad you did!

My Special Interests

  Reading and studying the Bible. (I try very hard to read some every day.)

  Maintaining and improving my relationship with my most lovely and talented wife. (An interior designer working in both the residential and commercial/professional areas.)

  Helping my daughter to grow into a beautiful young woman. (A student at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR.)

 Technology Coordinator for the Pea Ridge School District.

  Teaching teenagers and hopefully helping them to avoid the mistakes that I made. I teach Business and Computers at Pea Ridge High School.

  Umpiring fastpitch softball: ASA Arkansas District 12 Junior Olympic Fastpitch Umpire-in-Chief and scheduler for NWA Chapter - Arkansas Fastpitch Officials' Association.  

  Doing genealogy research on the following surnames – originating from Scott County, Arkansas:

 Epperson and Nix,

 Beaty/Beatty, Welter, and Robson/Robison.

And thoroughly enjoying life here in Rogers, Arkansas - the best small city in the world!

Some of My Favorite Sites

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Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Let me encourage you to turn off your TV,
read a good book (like the Bible),
go for a walk, or cruise the Internet!
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