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Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Thrill Kill Web Site. The only TK site that is run exclusively by the Thrill Kill development team itself. Be easy on us -we're spending most of our time making the game but hopefully you'll find the info here worth a look. On this site you'll find sketches, tips, character profiles, dungeon descriptions, etc...basically all things Thrill Kill. Most of it you won't see anywhere else!

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Meet the Characters

Find out why Belladonna went from a Housewife and part-time Librarian into a "Femme Fatale" . . . or where Cleetus acquired his "club" . . . or what made FBI profiler Oddball become like those he helped to catch.

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Private dungeons

Come see the arenas where the Thrill Kill denizens do battle (each has their own favorite).

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Visit the Gallery

Check here for concept art, game shots, artist renditions and much more. (Be prepared for big images that are more than worth the wait)

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Thrill Kill Invades Quake II™

Now The Imp and Dr. Faustus can be seen fragging around in Quake II™. Feel free to download these if you want to play the craziest characters to ever grace the battlefield.
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