NCCI Changes Position,
Gives Employees American Flags

September 17, 2001

(Boca Raton, FL) NCCI Holdings, Inc., today announced that it has changed its position on flags in its workplace and offered any employees who wanted them American flags and red-white-and-blue lapel ribbons as they entered the workplace this morning.

President & CEO Bill Schrempf said he was meeting with employees this morning to explain the company's change and apologize for not permitting them to display the American flag on Friday during the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance.

In announcing the change, Schrempf indicated that NCCI's senior management team met over the weekend and decided to reverse the company's longstanding position, which had been intended to protect employees.

This morning, the company took the following actions concerning the display of the American flag by its employees:
1. Any interested employee can display an American flag on their desktop. Flags will be provided for this purpose, if employees would like to have one to display.
2. Red, white & blue lapel remembrance ribbons are being provided for those who want to wear them.

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