Subj: `Vampire Cult' Mom Pleads Guilty
Date: 97-11-15 23:30:16 EST
From: AOL News
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.c The Associated Press

MURRAY, Ky. (AP) - The mother of a teen-ager who police say led
a ``vampire cult'' linked to two deaths pleaded guilty on Friday to
trying to entice a teen-age boy into sex as an initiation rite.

Sondra Gibson, 35, was originally charged with solicitation to
commit rape. She instead pleaded guilty to a felony charge of
unlawful transaction with a minor.

Defense attorney Steve West formally noted that Ms. Gibson was
mentally ill when the crime was committed.

Ms. Gibson is the mother of Rod Ferrell, awaiting trial in
Tavares, Fla., on two counts of murder in the Nov. 25 beating
deaths of Richard and Ruth Wendorf of Eustis. Police say he led a
blood-drinking ``vampire'' group involved in the crime.

 Authorities said Ms. Gibson wrote to a 14-year-old boy, inviting

 ``I longed to be near you ... to become a Vampire, a part of the
family immortal and truly yours forever,'' the letter read. ``You
will then come for me and cross me over and I will be your bride
for eternity and you my sire.''

Gibson could have faced five years in prison, but Commonwealth's
Attorney Mike Ward agreed to five years probation.

Judge Dennis Foust will formally sentence Gibson on Jan. 9.

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