Havalina Rail Co. on MTV
By Kelli Shapiro

Havalina Rail Co.
Jackson Rubio Recordings is pleased to announce that a song by Havalina Rail Co. will be included on the season finale of MTVís popular reality-based show "The Real World". "Letís Not Forget Hawaii," one of the final tracks on Havalinaís critically- acclaimed "America" CD, is a leisurely surf tune paying tribute to an idyllic, idealized Hawaiian culture. As such, it is an appropriate choice for the show, which has been set in Hawaii this season. (Each season, the program documents the real lives of non-actors living together in a variety of settings and locales.)

To celebrate, the members of Havalina Rail Co. are throwing what they call a Hula Dance Party on Tuesday, November 9, the air-date of "The Real World"ís season finale. The party is scheduled to be held at the appropriately-titled Lava Lounge, located inside the tiki-themed Java Lanes at 3800 E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, CA. A special guest will perform at 8:00p.m., and Havalina will play at 9:00. Then, at 10:00, attention will turn to MTV. During the party, Hawaiian pizza will be served for $1 a slice. There is a general cover charge of $5, and admittance to Lava Lounge is limited to those who are age 18 and over.

For more information, contact Jackson Rubio or call Lava Lounge at (562) 597-6171.

Thank you,
Kelli Shapiro, Media Relations
Jackson Rubio Recordings

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