Revolution: Turning Dreams into Reality!


“It is not necessary to wait until all conditions for making revolution
exist: the insurrection can create them.”
- Che Guevara

“The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.”
- Joseph Tommasi

THIS SITE would not be complete without detailed examples of how National Revolutionaries [in this case the NRF] intend to put their ideas into practice. The man who believes that Revolution will suddenly be established one ‘glorious day’ in the distant future clearly has no real understanding of what Revolution is all about. The Revolution begins here and now. Once
the spark of rebellion ignites the latent fuse that dwells within each one of us, so will the Revolutionary elect begin to incorporate the fundamental tenets of the struggle into their everyday lives. This can be done in a number of ways. Making a conscious decision to avoid watching too much television, for example, or by making a financial contribution to the Movement rather than propping up the bar in your local pub. Other ways of avoiding the path to racial and cultural oblivion may include making efforts to support and promote the NR music
underground, or protecting your children from the corrosive effects of the multi-racialist agenda in State-sponsored schools. If you are in touch with other people who share our views, there are even more things that can be done to advance the Revolutionary Cause:

a) establish an instant response hotline in order to defend the residents of your area from attack by immigrant gangs or other criminal elements. Print a series of calling cards which advertise a mobile telephone number and distribute it amongst the White youth who live in the immediate vicinity. These hand-picked individuals must be prepared to take to the streets in the event of an attack and deal with the culprits responsible both quickly and efficiently. Once an emergency call has alerted the central telephone number the person receiving the call can then ring 5 or 6 people who, in turn, can ring another 5 or 6. This network is designed to act like a chain reaction, and, once this system has been used several times will demonstrate to our enemies that we mean business. More importantly, however, increasing numbers of people will give us their

b) once you have won the respect and admiration of the youth element, the next stage is to recruit the adults in the area to the NR Cause. Here are a few useful suggestions: arrange for the mass distribution of leaflets, stickers and posters in order to get our message across to those who are disillusioned and seek a viable alternative; lead by example and, if necessary, organise tough physical resistance as a means of repelling hostile outsiders such as landlords, bailiffs, DSS snoops, social workers and the police; help the homeless in their efforts to both occupy and defend empty properties in the area; ensure that drug-pushers and other anti-social and undesirable elements are ‘persuaded’ to go and live elsewhere; hold regular public meetings to put our views across; promote White working class solidarity and revive the lost spirit of community; establish a local paper or bulletin to air local grievances and offer practical solutions; offer to cook and clean for the eldery; run errands and do the shopping for those who are housebound or disabled; set up an all-White taxi service or, alternatively, an all-female service to ensure that local people can travel in comparative safety; police local streets by either setting up your own security agency or forming a voluntary militia; end the dominating stranglehold of the Asian corner shops by establishing a mobile food service for the area, specialising in confectionery, fresh fruit and vegetables grown on local Nationalist-run allotments and smallholdings. There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve the lives of local residents and win their support.

Remember: by actually living and working alongside those upon whom we wish to have an influence, the lies and smears of our enemies will fall on deaf ears!

c) if we are truly intending to take control of our own lives and our own communities we must build alternative, Revolutionary structures. This can include setting up home-schooling programmes to teach our kids the values and traditions of their forefathers; encouraging plumbers, bricklayers, mechanics and electricians etc. to form workers’ guilds in order to administer service for the area; and establishing our own bartering or local exchange trading systems.

Finally, you should be fully aware that this is a highly militant strategy and that if any significant portion of it is put into practice it will quickly bring us to the attention of the Establishment authorities. The NRF is already used to the kind of problems which can be created by the State, but those currently outside the Movement who are seriously thinking of becoming involved should know exactly what they are getting into. Furthermore, such people must be made aware that:

i) we are deadly serious

ii) there is no place in our ranks for time-wasters or fantasists

iii)we are not playing games!

The NRF is currently in the process of building a Revolutionary elite. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of that elite, get in touch! Alternatively, those outside England may wish to join one of our affiliated groups in the European Liberation Front (ELF) or Liaison Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism (LCRN), such as the American Front, Spartacus or the National Liberation Front in Canada.

PLEASE CONTACT: The National Secretary, BM Box LCRN, London WC1N 3XX, England.

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