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Below is a list of fragrances that have been given the 'chop'. (As far as we can make out anyway). The year in brackets refers to the year of launch rather than the year of discontinuation. It is very difficult to determine when a fragrance is no longer made, as stock can hang around for years.

You may still be able to buy some of the fragrances below, as it can take a while before warehouse stocks are depleted. Check out perfume websites and discount stores.

eBay is another good online source for finding rare and discontinued fragrances. eBay is an internet auction site where visitors can sell all of their unwanted goods.

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Basenotes make no guarantees or promises that you will find what you are looking for, or that if found, the goods are in a fit condition. You purchase from eBbay at your own risk...

If you know of a fragrance that is no longer made, let Basenotes know by clicking here . Please let us know how you know that the fragrance or product has been discontinued.

If you would like hints, tips and help in finding a long lost fragrance why not visit our wanted page and leave a message.

40 Love for Men by Jean Desprez ( )
Alain Delon by Alain Delon (1980)
Alain Delon Plus by Alain Delon (1987)
All Blacks by All Blacks (1998)
Andron for Men by Jovan / Quintessence (1981)
Aphrodiziac for Men by Fabergé (1988)
Aqua Velva Frost Lime by Williams (1966)
Aqua Velva Ice Sport by Williams (1994)
Beverly Hills Polo Club by Beverly Hills Polo Club
Bill Blass for Men by Bill Blass (1970)
Black Jeans by Versace (1998)
Blend 30 by Dunhill (1978)
Brut 33 by Fabergé (1975)
Brut Royale by Fabergé (1983)
Burberrys for Men (Original) by Burberry (1981)
Cambridge by Mem Company (1981)
Camp Beverly Hills for Men by Camp Beverly Hills (1988)
Captain Molyneux by Molyneux (1975)
Carrera by Muelhens (1988)
Cedarwood by Goya (1958)
Cellini by Fabergé (1980)
Chanel For Gentlemen by Chanel (1955)
Chanel For Men by Chanel (1955)
Chaz by Revlon (1975)
Chaz Musk by Revlon (1987)
Chester & Peck by Carlo Corinto ( )
Chromatics by Aramis (1973)
Claiborne by Claiborne (1989)
Commodore by Gloria Vanderbilt ( )
Copper by Countess Mara ( )
Cravache by Piguet (1963)
Cycle by Otto Kern (1991)
Dante Original by Dante ( )
De Viris by Bogart (1982)
DK Men by Donna Karan (1994)
DK Men Unleaded by Donna Karan (1995)
Drakkar by Guy Laroche (1972)
Dunhill London by Dunhill (1973)
Eau Cendrée by Jacomo (1974)
Eau D'Espace by Panouage ( )
Eau de Lanvin by Lanvin (1933)
Eau de Sport by Alain Delon (1997)
Eau de Sport by Paco Rabanne (1986)
Edges by Panouage ( )
English Leather Lime by Mem Company (1966)
Etienne Aigner by Etienne Aigner (1975)
Fair Play by Cerruti (1985)
Fougère Royal by Houbigant (1882)
Free Life by Etienne Aigner (1987)
French Line by Revillon (1984)
Furyo by Bogart (1988)
Futuros by Aubusson ( )
Gallant by Avon (1989)
Gambler by Jovan / Quintessence (1983)
Gin Fizz by Lubin ( )
Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills (1984)
Globe by Rochas (1990)
Grass Oil for Men by Jovan / Quintessence (1974)
Grès Monsieur by Grès (1982)
Grès Monsieur Sport by Grès (1984)
Grès pour Homme by Grès (1965)
Guess Men by Marciano (1991)
Hai Karate Oriental Lime by Pfizer / pfizer (1968)
Hallmark by Lenthéric (1986)
Halston 101 by Halston (1984)
Halston Limited by Halston (1987)
Hascish Homme by Veejaga (1984)
Hawk by Mennen (1981)
Herbissimo Juniper by Dana (1980)
Herbissimo Marjoram by Dana (1980)
Hero by Prince Matchabelli ( )
Ho Hang Club by Balenciaga (1987)
Horizon by Guy Laroche
Ice Water by Silvestre (1992)
Insignia by Dana / Shulton (1986)
Insignia by Dana (1997)
Insignia i.relax by Dana (1997)
Insignia by Dana (1997)
Insignia by Dana (1997)
Insignia by Dana (1997)
Internationable by Façonnable ( )
Iquitos by Alain Delon (1987)
JHL by Aramis
Jil Sander Man Pure by Jil Sander (1981)
Jil Sander Man Two by Jil Sander (1982)
Jovan Evening Musk for Men by Jovan / Quintessence (1985)
Jovan Gambler Musk by Jovan / Quintessence (1986)
Jovan Ginseng for Men by Jovan / Quintessence (1975)
Jovan Man by Jovan / Quintessence (1977)
Jovan Sports Scent for Men by Jovan / Quintessence (1978)
KL Homme by Lagerfeld (1986)
Knize Two by Knize (1978)
L'Inizio by Carlo Corinto ( )
L'Inizio Sport by Carlo Corinto ( )
Lanvin for Men by Lanvin (1979)
Le Mâle Summer 1999 by Jean Paul Gaultier (1999)
Leather by Yardley / Yardley (1980)
Léonard pour Homme by Léonard (1980)
Listen for Men by Herb Alpert & Co. (1991)
Lord Molyneux by Molyneux (1988)
Lynx Atlantis by Fabergé ( )
Lynx Aztec by Fabergé ( )
Lynx Inca by Fabergé ( )
Lynx Java by Fabergé ( )
Lynx Marine by Fabergé ( )
Lynx Mirage by Fabergé ( )
Lynx Oriental by Fabergé ( )
Macho by Fabergé (1976)
Marbert Gentleman by Marbert (1986)
Marbert Homme by Marbert (1988)
Marrakesh Tales by Mäurer & Wirtz (1996)
MCM 24 Evening by MCM (1993)
MCM 24 Morning by MCM (1993)
MCM Success by MCM (1986)
Members Only by Mem Company (1985)
Men by Mennen (1982)
Mens Style by Juvena (1982)
Millionaire by Mennen (1979)
Minotaure by Paloma Picasso
Mister L by Mister L ( )
Molto Smalto by Smalto (1992)
Monsieur Carven by Carven (1978)
Monsieur de Rauch by Rauch (1973)
Monsieur F by Ferragamo (1976)
Monsieur Jovan by Jovan / Quintessence (1977)
Monsieur Lanvin by Lanvin (1964)
Musk for Men by Dana ( )
Musk for Men by Fabergé (1975)
New West for Men by Aramis (1988)
Nightflight by Joop! (1992)
Nine Flags: Brazil by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: England by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: France by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: Germany by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: Hong Kong by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: Ireland by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: Lichtenstein by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: Spain by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: Sweden by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: United States by Nine Flags ( )
Nine Flags: ?Unknown? by Nine Flags ( )
Old Spice Fresh Lime by Procter & Gamble / Shulton (1966)
Old Spice Fresh Scent by Procter & Gamble / Shulton (1980)
Old Spice Herbal by Procter & Gamble / Shulton (1977)
Old Spice Leather by Procter & Gamble / Shulton (1985)
Old Spice Musk for Men by Procter & Gamble / Shulton (1974)
Oleg Cassini for Men by Oleg Cassini (1976)
Oleg Cassini pour Homme by Oleg Cassini (1986)
Om by Gap (1997)
Or Black by Moribato (1982)
Partner by Revillon (1960)
Phileas by Nina Ricci (1984)
Portos by Aramis (1985)
Portos by Balenciaga (1980)
Private Number for Men by Etienne Aigner (1992)
Programme Homme by Lancôme ( )
Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills (1991)
Reporter by Oleg Cassini (1978)
Revillon pour Homme by Revillon (1977)
Roccobarocco by Roccobarocco (1989)
Royal Copenhagen Sport by Royal Copenhagen (1982)
Royal Regiment by Max Factor (1969)
Sensual for Men by Avon ( )
Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan / Quintessence (1976)
Shendy by Roger & Gallet (1970)
Signoricci 2 by Nina Ricci (1976)
Silver by Etienne Aigner (1984)
Sir Canada Cedar by Muelhens (1971)
Skin Bracer Dry Lime by Mennen (1967)
Skin Bracer Wild Moss by Mennen (1967)
Snuff by Schiaparelli (1977)
Soprani Uomo by Soprani (1988)
Sport Fragrance by Etienne Aigner (1979)
Superfragrance for Men by Etienne Aigner (1978)
Tahoe for Men by Prince Matchabelli ( )
Tailoring for Men by Clinique (1984)
Ted Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus ( )
Timberline English Leather by Mem Company (1968)
Touch for Men by Fred Hayman (1995)
Troika by Muelhens ( )
Trussardi Action Uomo by Trussardi (1990)
Trussardi Uomo by Trussardi (1987)
Turbo by Fabergé (1980)
Ungaro I by Ungaro (1991)
Ungaro II by Ungaro (1992)
Van Cleef & Arpels by Van Cleef & Arpels (1978)
Vendetta by Valentino (1991)
Version Homme by Ulric de Varens (1995)
Vétiver de Puig by Antonio Puig (1978)
Vetyver Lanvin by Lanvin (1964)
VIP for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills (1987)
Wall Street by Victor (1984)
Weekend by Avon (1978)
Wild Country by Avon (1967)
Wind Drift by Mem Company (1970)
Witness by Bogart (1992)
Woodhue for Men by Fabergé (1938)
Yardley Musk for Men by Yardley
Zizanie by Fragonard (1932)

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