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2nd Combat Engineer Regiment


        The 2nd�Combat Engineer Regiment was formed from elements that took part in many famous World War I battles including the persuit to Mons, Somme 1916 and The Hindenberg Line.

During World War II, engineer units that form the basis of today's 2 CER, served in New Guinea from 1941 untill the end of hostilities. The Vietnam confilct saw engineers deployed with tasks including bridge construction, civil aid programs and quarrying as well as numerous tasks in conjunction with infantry forces. At the completion of Australian involvement in Vietnam, Army Engineer assets were reorginised to form the basis of the regiment's structure today. 1971 saw the raising of the 2nd Field Engineer Regiment (2FER) which then became 2/3 FER and finally 2 CER.


        2 CER is part of the 7 Brigade and is made up of Regimental Headquarters, a Combat Engineer Squadron, Engineer Support Squadron and an Operation Support Squadron. The role of 2 CER is to provide combat engineer support to the 7 Brigade during short warning conflict in Northern Australia. 2 CER is an integrated unit with a mix of full-time and part-time members. Part-time members of 2 CER train on Tuesday nights and one weekend a month. There are four concentration periods each year culminating with one major regimental two week training exersise. Army engineers are trained in tasks including mine clearance, bridge and road construction, demolitions, along with various driving operations.



        There are many important jobs within 7 CER and the training necessary to carry out these jobs is exciting, challenging and diverse.� As well as new skills, you will gain new confidence, make new friends and experience great satisfaction.� On top of that, you�ll earn tax free pay along the way.


        7 CSU is based at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera, Brisbane.� For more information contact the Brigade Recruiting cell on (07) 33325419.

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