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Ban Everything: Jello Biafra

Begrudgingly maintained by Chris (ICQ: 790310)

New Stuff

  • Nov 2 1998 Billboard.com article: Former Bandmates Sue Jello Biafra
  • V. Vale interviews Jello Biafra
  • High Priest of social criticism, Jello Biafra comes to Western
  • Joker's Dead Kennedys site: Headaches & Jello Shots
  • Nardwuar vs Jello Biafra
  • Idiosyntactix Culture Jammers' Encyclopedia
        - Articles relating to Jello Biafra
               - Jello on Cloning Sheep
               - Jello on Marshal Ledbetter
               - Jello on The Old Farty Left
  • Article on Harvey Milk - from Planetsoma
  • Interview with Jello Biafra
  • Good Lard page
  • Lard sound clips
  • News bite regarding DK lawsuit
  • Timely advice for all struggling bands Cab City Combo and Jello Biafra

    Int: Straight interview/quote
    Art/Int: Article with interview/quotes

    Int: A Jello interview (in German) somewhere by Plastic Bomb in www.PunkRawk.com
    Art/Int: Jello Biafra - Relator of Robert Colvert
    Int: Pandemonium Online. Waiting for More Lard: An interview by Gail Worley
    Art/Int: Pandemonium Online. Mistress Quickly: A column by Charlotte Bosarge (review of spoken word show)
    Int: A Statement of solidarity from Jello Biafra for the ROC's October 30th action in Washington DC
    Art/Int: Bullshit detector: Jello Biafra cuts to the politics of pop - from The Providence Phoenix
    Int: Bad Subjects, Issue #30, February 1997 Interview with Jello Biafra
    Int: Jello interview in The Roc
    Int: Jello interview in the Onion.
    Int: Transcript of Denton's TV interview with Jello (Nov 95).
    Art/Int: Beat Magazine's Jello article/interview (Nov 95).
    Int: Lumpen Times's Jello article/interview.
    Int: A Jello interview from 1981 (untraceable source)

    News Articles
    Nws: News Item
    Nws: hilidelphia PD get $2.2 Million Judgement against
    AT records - TheRoc.org article
    Nws: Big Victory for AT records - TheRoc.org article
    Nws: Old Crucifucks legal case article from SF BAY GUARDIAN: ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT : ARTBEAT (Feb 1996?)
    Nws: Music News of The World articles:
    The 17th Apr 1999 Edition: Police Interrupt Jello Biafra Show -- On His Behalf
    The 6th Apr 1999 Edition: Jello Biafra to appear on TV
    The 5th Nov 1998 Edition: Jello Biafra Lashes Out At Ex-Dead Kennedys
    The 1st Nov 1998 Edition
    - Ex-Dead Kennedys Guitarist Claims Suit Against Biafra Unavoidable
    The 29th Oct 1998 Edition
    - Former Dead Kennedys Sue Jello Biafra Over Royalties
    The Apr 1st 1998 edition:
    - Ex-Dead Kennedy Leader Rips 'Offensive' Music Bill
    The Mar 6th 1998 edition:
    - News Flash: Gangsta-Rapper C-BO Jailed For Lyrics
    The Jan 14th 1998 edition:
    - News Flash: Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Jello Biafra's Label
    The Jan 1st 1998 edition:
    - Jello Biafra Carries On Activist Judi Bari's Cause
    The Dec 12th 1997 edition:
    - QUOTE (UNQUOTE): Ex-Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra. His impressions of the late Judi Bari.
    The Nov 25th 1997 edition:
    - Ex-Dead Kennedy Fights For Convicted Cop Killer
    The Jul 13th 1997 edition:
    - ATN Album Review: Lard's Pure Chewing Satisfaction
    The Jul 8th 1997 edition:
    - Belated Apology From Attorney Who Prosecuted Dead Kennedys
    The Jul 8th 1997 edition:
    - Biafra on stage with Offspring
    The Jun 20th 1997 edition:
    - Ex-Dead Kennedy Partners With Offspring Singer
    The Apr 8th 1997 edition:
    - Crucifucked To The Tune Of $2.2 Million
    The Feb 2nd 1997 edition:
    - Jello Biafra's Virus 200 and Counting
    The Dec 20th 1996 edition:
    - Jello Biafra Digs "Creative Crime"
    The November 26th 1996 edition:
    - New Lard
    The Jul 17th 1996 edition:
    - Say It's Your Birthday: Former Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra
    The April 4th 1996 edition:
    - Mickey Hires Jello Biafra
    The March 21st 1996 edition:
    - The Odd Couple: Miami Vice Comes To Jello Biafra
    The Febuary 25th 1996 edition:
    - I Fought The Law And The Law Won?
    The Feb 9th 1996 edition:
    - Alternative Tentacles Under Fire By Philly Police
    - Former Dead Kennedy's Leader Biafra Responds To Suit

    Nws: An old Jello gets injured article in The Roc Magazine.
    Nws: Link to the news section in the Alternative Tentacles home page.
    Nws: The actual alt.fan.jello-biafra newsgroup itself.
    The alt.fan.jello-biafra Frequently Asked Questions list - via Gallium's DK page

    Rev: Review Item
    Rev: A review of a
    Jello spoken word show in The Roc Magazine.
    Rev: Read The Rough Guide to ROCK: The Dead Kennedys via Rough Guides
    Rev: Link to reviews of DK's albums on the Prindle Rock And Roll Review site
    Rev: Keller Reid's description of a Jello show at Fort Worth, Texas (Apr 96)
    Rev: Random impressions of Jello's spoken word performance at St. Kilda's National Theatre in Melbourne, Australia (Nov 1995)

    Pictures and Photos
    Img: Photographic Item
    Gra: Other Graphic

    Img: A few pics at
    Patrick's Page of Punk - live pics, Jello's autograph, etc..
    Img: A link to heaps of photos and other DK/Jello stuff in Brand-X's Page.
    Img: Jello Biafra at the Variety Theatre. 66kb, from the gallery on Steve Wainstead's page.
    Img: Jello.GIF - 90 kb - Jello Biafra bawling about the Great Atomic Power at a Mojo Nixon gig, via Sadie O's Main Music Menu
    Gra: altens.gif 0.5kb - An Alternative Tentacles icon.
    Gra: jbiafra.jpg 33kb - that barbed wire pic - found on net
    Img: Jello on Denton (Nov 95): jb1.gif 73kb, jb2.gif 77kb, jb3.gif 76kb.
    Video and Sound Clips
    Vid: Video Clip
    Snd: Sound Clip

    Vid: Dead Kennedys live video clips. All these clips are in rm format (Real Movie).
    - To view clips, download a free player/browser plugin from
    - Once installed, to play a clip, just left click it.
    - To save to disk from Microsoft Internet Explorer, right click on link and select Save Target As..
    - To save to disk from Netscape, right click on link and select Save Link As...
    - Bleed for Me - 2.3 Mb
    - Goons of Hazard - 1.5 Mb
    - Hop with the Jetset - 0.7 Mb
    - Jock O Rama - 1.1 Meg
    - A man and his Lawnmower - 0.4 Mb
    - Life sentence - 1.0 Mb
    - Moral Majority 1.4 Mb
    - MTV get off the air - 1.6 Mb
    - Nazi Punks Fuck off - 1.0 Mb
    - Police Truck - 1.2 Mb
    - We've got a bigger problem now - 2.3 Mb
    - Religious Vomit - 0.5 Mb
    - Riot - 2.8 Mb
    - Do the Slag - 0.7 Mb
    Snd: A couple of Jello's spoken word tracks in RealAudio
    Snd: Jello spoken word mixed with music at R.O.Y.A.L
    Snd: Spoken word .au Rob now Pay Later via the Massachusetts Music Industry Coalition home page.
    Side Projects
    Itm: Item
    Itm: ATN review of
    Pure Chewing Satisfaction
    Itm: Lard Review from The Providence Phoenix
    Itm: Lee Shaker's Lard Home page
    Itm: Jello's who's who entry in Smelly Mustafa's own Plainfield page.

    Lyrics, Chord and Tab
    DK Lyr: DK Lyrics
    SP Lyr: Side Project Lyrics
    Tab/Chord: Guitar Tab and Chord
    Brand X's page with tab and chord.
    SP Lyr: Praire Home Invasion Jello with Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors (whole album)
    SP Lyr: Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours - Jello with D.O.A (whole album)
    SP Lyr: Jesus was a terrorist - Jello with NOMEANSNO

    Tab/Chord: Chord and Tab of Dead Kennedy's songs On Hakan's Dead Kennedy's page

    Links to Entire DK/Jello Sites

  • House of the Rising Punk - a good punk resource
  • Brand X's Jello Biafra page - everything's there - good page!
  • The Dead Kennedys Place - Everything you'd want about the DKs - articles, news, tab, pictures, the works
  • The Dead Kennedys Shrine

    *** The Trouser Press - A DK
    *** The Montage Art of Winston Smith
    *** J. Thrush's Jello bio and pics page: Jello Biafra: Spoken Word Guy...new & IMPROVED!
    *** Jello and Fred Schneider via Clone Central

    Related links

    News Watch
    *** George Orwell:
    - George Orwell page.
    - Newspeak and Doublethink homepage
    *** This Modern World is the comic strip that has been popping up in Jello's newer albums.
    *** World Wide Punk
    *** Anarchy Now!
    *** The Support Coalition
    *** Noam Chomsky:
    - Index of links at the: Noam Chomsky, Libertarian Socialist page.
    - Link to The Necessary Illusions homepage.
    - Link to Noam Chomsky: Political Texts
    *** Ralph Nader:
    - The Ralph Nader link page.
    *** The All seeing eye via the Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center

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    Leave a private note (this is only seen by the page maintainer)
    PS: If you're looking to contact Jello, I can't do it for you. 
    Write to him via:
    Alternative Tentacles Records
    P.O. Box 419092, San Fransisco, CA 94141-9092 USA

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