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   Having experienced the trauma of divorce followed by the fear of mid-life isolation, Francy trusts her computer to deliver true love. A mother of three boys and a self-proclaimed devotee of online romance, Francy's experienced insights will help you sidestep the pitfalls in every woman's search for Prince Charming. Aged in experience but young in her dreams, her biting humor and seasoned advice strikes at the heart of any woman searching for love. Francy's country charm and urban sensibility has allowed her to successfully manage businesses from owning a prominent catering service to owning and operating a NASCAR racing team.

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   Rob, post divorced with children, is a seasoned veteran of online dating who experienced the shock of re-introduction into the dating scene long ago. A member of the pre-PC "old school", he provides genuinely male perspectives, ranging from divorce bitterness to the hilarious scenarios of bachelorhood. This crafty foot soldier is trained to survive in the trenches of dating. Rob's spontaneous, quick-witted, and over-the-edge comments leave callers and listeners both debative and in stitches.

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the other guy

   Is this true Gemini doomed to be single forever? Marshall is obsessed with theories on kissing and dating, maybe too much so. Seriously, his day job is managing and If you haven't had an "are you a good kisser?" sticker slapped on you by Marshall at a local Dallas bar, well then YOU JUST DON'T GET OUT MUCH, DO YA?

   Marshall's here to contradict himself, and continue his quest to figure out the female mindset. Or is he just here to harrass and annoy Francy? hmmm... You can e-mail Marshall at