This is a shot of FeEdiKo's TimeRift Remix, before the textures were added, which means a lot of pumice/concrete, including the sky!
...and this is a screenshot of TimeRift Remix after Fee added the texturing, including the dramatic "deep space" sky and lighting effects.
FeEdiKo had hoped to do a remix of Gekokujou, but when he and I explored his untextured version, we found some places NAB players couldn't get through.  Luckily, B-Ball was able to save the day!
Aureecom Remix, "stage of glory" - a map FeEdiKo worked on for quite a while.  The finished version is a "Target Tag" map... but this shows an earlier texturing scheme!
In a "fatboy" mutator-running server, if you do well, you grow fat, and if you do badly, you end up ludicrously skinny.  I think Black Dragon (or Alpha Flight) must be doing rather well here!
This is the Barracuda Arena, after Black Dragon has retextured it into a Lightshow.  If I run straight forward and jump, I should land on that ledge with the whomper!
Do you recognise Moonlight Bonus 2, after Justin has retextured it into a new Sequoia Bonus?  The points-targets may have vanished in this leafy version, but note that whomper just to our right - this could get seriously hairy with a few good players!
Justin really had fun on this one, turning good old
Skyscraper Arena
into an Alien Planet!  He added a lot of animation, and, as you can see, some really extreme textures, plus changes to weapon names and the other text announcements...
On our first visit to HoverCraft, before the textures were added and with default lighting I guess, here we are just standing outside the craft's cockpit.  FeEdiKo still had a lot of work to do, but it was already a cool place to visit...
Using the "fly" cheat, I took to the air to get this shot of the HoverCraft speeding across Wolfsbay.  Note the light-colour squares associated with the rear propelling fans at this stage.  This is quite a good view of the lighthouse, too!
FeEdiKo invited me aboard HoverCraft again when the texturing was about half-done.  He had done some work inside the cockpit, as you can see, and changed the lighting to night.  Not quite as dark as it appears in this screenshot, luckily!
And I took another "flying" shot of the HoverCraft, in its partially-textured glory.
Sometimes the textures just don't work when you are running the game, and strange things happen in the background.  This is a rather extreme example of that - the texture added to the walls is the "view" into
Championship Arena
that you get from its lobby...
Reaper was working on a map based on Stonehenge, from a casual remark I made that it would be a good theme for a map; he sent me an early version, so that I was able to take this screenshot, but never made a completed version before he left NAB...
This is the CDmap1-1, by Mr.BoBBo, who made it exclusively for members of Clan Destiny.  Imagine my surprise (and delight) when he showed me round it for the first time, and the large construction in the background first rose up out of the floor!
Sharpknux's Galleon Remix may have a number of "bugs", with sails and seas that turn into wood if you look at them sideways, but it is still a pleasant place to visit, and, if you turn on "fly" mode, a great place to swoop around and generally play Peter Pan!
Icedude brings snow and ice to the "Orbital Bonus" arena, for his seasonal Merry Christmas offering.  You can very nearly see your breath steaming in the cold winter air!
Thunderbird sent through this screenshot of his
Aggressive Tendencies Remix
, taken when he had only just started on the textures.  Note the lack of lava round the front at this stage!
Some of the ramps and stairs inside Aggressive Tendencies Remix, before Thunderbird had done much of the texturing, though the "red carpet" has already been put down.
This is the Afterlife, as Pimp sees it.  It looks a bit hot to me, but as a Nerf arena it plays nicely enough... and not all parts of it are in flames, you may be relieved to hear!
B-Ball's Laser Remix, with either B-Ball himself or Thunderbird posing in the spot at the top where the whomper respawns.  Plenty of ramps and stairways, and note the windows on the right, which go with a corridor that goes right round the arena at that level.
Basketball Center, the ballblast map by B-Ball, who kindly poses for us here, with the kindly assistance of Mr.BoBBo.  You can see the crowd in the background, and the tables laid out with weapons and ammo.  One of the "hoops" is on the left!
A "flying eye" view of Basketball Center, B-Ball & Mr.BoBBo's ballblast bonanza.  As you can see, the tops of the "hoops" appear to be solid, but, if you aim your shot just right, you can get your points.  Unless somebody happens to shoot you then...
The Chase, the first map by Techno (later known as Blue_Ghost2), plays nicely, with all the ramps and weapons your heart could desire.  Oh look, I was in the lead, above B-Ball and Thunderbird...
Pahgio Remix was adapted for NAB by our most pains-taking pair of remixers, Tmon and Tux_the_Penguin.  This shot was originally rather dark, but now shows off the gentle "flares" nicely, and the wonderful stone and metal textures...
FeEdiKo called this map Dirty, initially.  It is a remixing of the Unreal Tournament arena
, and this is an early flying-eye view of the central rooftop, before textures were added.
A similar point of view to the previous shot, taken before the textures were added: Dirty by name, a remix of DOM-Condemned by nature.  We have come down to rooftop level, and are looking up at the surrounding skyscrapers.
A view of the finished HoverCraft by FeEdiKo.  You can see the textures inside the cockpit, and the rocky shore...and doesn't the starboard navigation light flare nicely?  No wonder this has become one of the most-played new arenas!
This is a view of The Chase 2 by Techno, and it is as big as it looks - if not more so!  The first
The Chase was 762KB; this one is 5.93MB, almost eight times the file size!  For comparison,
Championship Arena is 2.28MB...
Okay, it is the Orbital Bonus Arena, but with rogue texturing giving it (mainly) the plush
Moonlight wall textures on the floor.  I think my computer just gets bored sometimes, and likes to do a bit of experimenting...
Sharpknux had been busy remixing a UT map into what he initially called Matex, a large and complex Matrix-inspired level.  This was the roof of one of the buildings.  As you can see, there was still a lot of texturing to do.
Partially textured by Sharpknux, this is the main marble-floored hall of Matex.  The place also includes a street, and a subway station, while the office block itself is pretty complicated!
Speedblast:  Techno hasn't finished AR-Racetime yet, the main problem being to work out how to get you back to the last flag you passed when you have to respawn.  Still, it looks pretty good... until you try leaping from one little island to the next!
Another screenshot of Techno's speedblast-map-in- preparation, Racetime, and it looks as if flag 5 will be a bit simpler to get to than flag 1 was.   If he can get players respawning in the right places, that is! 
Assasinator's new original map, CityStreet, is not finished yet, but has got some excellent texture work.  You can get on the roof of the news stand (just beyond the the Coca Cola machine) by going round the back and climbing a ladder!
A closer view of the park at the end of the CityStreet, by Assasinator.   Nice benches, fine paving, and just look at the mellow brick walls and their faded graffiti.  Having a chunk of street and a few buildings on one side of it floating in starry space is very atmospheric!
Morpheus Remix has three ultra-high skyscraper towers, but FeEdiKo intends to bring us Morpheus][Remix, and that has four!   This is a shot of the map before any texture work has been done.
It didn't take FeEdiKo long to add the first textures to Morpheus][Remix.  He added a starry sky, with just a touch of dawn over to the right, illuminating part of the Earth beneath.  The Moon hangs large, and a cloudy nebula (left) adds colour and character!
Todd contemplates B-Ball's new Nitro Remix, an arena very much in the "deathmatch" spirit of its UT original.  Just to the right of Todd's shoulder is part of the "Nitro" manufacturing process, as liquid rolls endlessly down behind glass...
A second view of Nitro Remix, with the remixer himself, B-Ball, posing for our virtual camera.  You can just see in the background where the fresh water flows into the plant; the next time you see it, it is well on its way to becoming effluent...
This is Civil War Remix, by Duo.  My first impression was that it looked like a pleasant place, especially for team games...and I wasn't far wrong!
This is Stadium'01, appearing on server lists as "Ancient Arena", by Tracer, with a little help from other mapmakers.  And a seriously weird place it is - or is that seriously cool?  There are a lot of megapowers, and even a 500-point target hidden away...
Welcome to AR-WaterPark by IceDude: the first new speedblast arena to go on general release.  That's flag 3 near to us, while you grab flag 1 rushing down a water slide, to emerge into the main area where you see water flowing down the wall...
Icedude's Asteroid Bonus II has lava and low-gravity bits and elevators, but it is all in a set of narrow corridors, so to get an interesting screenshot I had to go to "ghost" status and go right outside, which at least gives some idea of the corridor layout!
Dax was working on Celtic Arena, trying to get rid of an invisible block in the middle - but you must admit there was some bold texture work going on here.   A very laggy map, until he got rid of the floating bonus points-lozenges!
An arena Sharpknux called Dam.  Dive down into the top lake, and you can use one of those large holes to dash along, and jump into the lower lake - while that tiny fleck at the foot of the dam, by the pistol's point, is a high-speed elevator to take you back up. 
Another Sharpknux idea, a map called Moon, with hardly any gravity - I am up really high to take this shot, and I didn't have to "fly", just jump!  There are craters and mountains, and I am actually inside the largest floating - asteroid?
Anachronism Remix was being put together by B-Ball; having a square moon was just a stage it was going through!  My vote was for the untextured walls to be made of brick, but, from his reaction, I think B-Ball had got a better idea.
Got your bullwhip and fedora ready?  Well, Boomslang called this Indiana Jones Attempt, and it looks as if we have to get across the lava on those tiny brick stepping- stones, so that we can head for that tempting glimpse of outdoor greenery...
...and here we are, for a bird's eye view of the second stage of the map that Boomslang was working on,
Indiana Jones Attempt
.  Obviously some treasure will end up in that hole in the ground...but how about all those targets on the wall, spelling out "NAB"?
Out now from Sharpknux, his Matrixed Remix, with a lot of very cool texture work, including a cashpoint, telephones, and a whole lot of office equipment - plus a helicopter!  And you get custom sounds...the train is approaching, you can hear it...
A view of Sharpknux's new Metal Dream Remix, a definitely cool place to play, with elevators, a teleporter, and various bits to jump about on.  The original UT arena is of the "domination" kind, but even without that, there is plenty of good stuff!
This is Boomslang's HyperBlast Remix 3.0 - it plays exactly the same as the previous versions, but adding the luna textures gives a rather cool effect.  I mean, carpets and padded, upholstered walls - on the outside of the spaceship?
The view from behind of the speeding, luna-textured starship, in Boomslang's HyperBlast Remix 3.0.  Those luna textures certainly make it look good - who would have thought it?
This is the unfinished "Target Tag" arena SLAM was working on, originally called FF-Test, and later called Firechasm Beta.  This early version has a fine "explosion" visible on the walkway, just triggered by me up on the fort's wall!
SLAM's FF-Test map, soon to be a cool new "Target Tag" arena.  I dashed inside to the control room to open the front gates so that I could take this shot, showing the courtyard; otherwise the only way in is down that passage starting just below the cursor.
Among all these shots of brand-new arenas and so on, we like to throw in the occasional really pointless shot.  So, here I am in Sequoia Arena, having some texture trouble - at least, the walls should be in the Amateur Arena, not here, right?
The view from the top of the tower in SLAM's (then) map-in-progress, DSF-Test.  Trying to land on top of one of those short metal columns is a long jump - better to go down to the tower's middle storey...
More DSF-Test.  That is the base of a rather tall tower at the left, with the elevator waiting.  We are in deep space here, so try not to fall off the edges.  Despite some awful "clipping" problems at this stage, this seems a good arena to play.
This is the "demo" version of CurtSquirt's Dark Forts
- pretty similar to the full game version, except for some untextured floor, and a few floating lozenges reading, like this one, "Not Available in DEMO", where you'd expect to find some of the weapons.
This is Boomslang's ColdHeart Remix - and it has a number of mirrors in it, including ones in this, the map's heart.  Boomslang has cleverly embedded small chunks of music in various locations.
Boomslang's ColdHeart Remix, looking down from one of the passageways into the central area, with its mirrors.  The central pit in the yellow area is safe to walk on, covered in glass, but you can see at the bottom of the picture the doubler, on a narrow beam!
The good old Orbital Bonus Arena, just after Boomslang persuaded me to type [tab] showall
!  You can try it out for yourself, but be warned, there seems to be no obvious way to cancel the effect, short of changing arenas. 
A closer look at one of the two tower-forts in Black Dragon's Face ][ Remix, or Facing Worlds ][ Remix.  Quite a massive construction, I just hope that there aren't any snipers up there, or I am likely to be respawning very shortly...
looks like 330,975 points to me!
Hey Cus! I was playing offline and I got some good scores... I only used one cheat while playing these and that was allammo and I changed time limit to 25mins instead of 10mins. See if anyone can beat some of these scores :).   - Spike
Black Ninja kindly (?) sent us this picture, complete with caption... taken shortly after CurtSquirt said goodbye.  Hey, remember that it was BN's server, so he had the ping advantage, and I never do very well in Forest anyway.
Yes, it's the Dancin' Jamie Triplets in SLAM's Nerf Neighbourhood - and it looks as if a couple of guests in the Nightclub have decided to join them!  I think it was Mikesmaf on the left, while the "Justin" can be nobody else but TC leader Thunderbird!
Here we are in Essence.  FeEdiKo is taking a screenshot of me, and to make a record of his new record score for the arena; little does he know that I, too, am taking a screenshot!  Fee scored 108,950, I was on 78,150 in a strong second position!
A view of one of the corridors in Space Base One - as Wombat assures Sk8er that the effects of space radiation are probably only temporary (just before jumping on his head...)...
B-Ball was showing FeEdiKo and me around his then map-which-is-coming-soon, Oil Refinery Remix.  After a while, Fee wanted to "adminlogin" - and when he does that in one of my servers, strange things start to happen, as you can see here!