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Welcome to color.com, your online resource for color imaging products and information. We hope you like the new look.

This site is brought to you by Imaging Technologies Corporation, the makers of ColorBlind color management products, to provide you with up to date information on color imaging, color management and color science.

ColorBlind Matchbox

Use and Setup of Photoshop 6

In the real world, no two digital cameras, scanners, monitors or printers—even identical models from the same manufacturer—reproduce color exactly the same way.
Getting matching color from these devices with their generic, one-size-fits-all color setups usually requires trial and error work-arounds that waste valuable time and often result in wastebaskets filled with expensive proofs.
ColorBlind Matchbox is your answer.

Andrew "The Digital Dog" Rodney's PDF on how Adobe Photoshop 6 uses ICC profiles to integrate color on an image by image basis.
A must read for anyone who owns or is about to own version 6.

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Photoshop 6 Color Tutorial

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You'll find manuals, color utilities, how to setup and use PhotoShop 6, new versions, and much more.

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There are currently new versions available for the Mac products. The procedure is simple and can be done online.

ColorBlind offers complete color training from the complete novice to professional color consultant or reseller.

If you are new to color, want to learn how to effectively adjust color in Adobe Photoshop, or need to learn how to improve your color through an ICC profiled workflow, there is a class for you.

ColorBlind MatchBox Available now for Windows
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ColorBlind Edit
The most complete image and ICC profile editor available.

ColorBlind ProveIt!
Calibrate and profile both CRT and LCD monitors, with or without an insturment.

ColorBlind Professional
The full featured, professional ICC profiling software.

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