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BodyScan 2010TM Technical Specifications

Frequency Range (Response Only)
DC to 15Hz (-3dB)

To more accurately detect Galvanic Skin Responses.

Maximum Excitation Current
Less than 35uA DC (microamps) (Single Channel and Multi-Channel)

To operate well within the minimum requirements for electrical safety.

Maximum Excitation Voltage
Less than 2.27V DC (Single Channel and Multi-Channel)

Automatically adjusts to the GSR of your body while maintaining minimum requirements for electrical safety.

Nominal Accuracy
At default gains and excitations and a nominal load of 100K ohms, the BodyScan response is 50% ± 2% of full scale, in both Single Channel and Multi-Channel modes.

Allows for full scale variations above and below a known reference point.

Communications Data
RS2321mS sample at 38.4KbaudOptically isolated from the PC.

Provides galvanic isolation between the personal computer and the BodyScan for additional levels of safety and accuracy.

Operation Environment
Clinical indoor use, Altitude up to 2000m, Ambient Temperature 10EC to 40EC, Relative Humidity 80% (maximum), Atmospheric Pressure 700hPa to 1060hPa.

Wide operating range.

EMC Specifications
Electrostatic Discharge 3kV Contact 8kv Air HCP/VCP(Horizontal/Vertical Coupling Plane) IEC 801-2/EN61000-4-2:1995, Electrostatic Discharge. Radiated RF Immunity 26-1000MHz 3 V/m with modulation. CISPR-FCC A Radiated Emissions.

The BodyScan 2010TM is protected from human electrostatic discharge. Immune to interference from outside electromagnetic radiation. The BodyScan 2010TM will not interfere with other electronic equipment.

Storage Environment
Temperature -10EC to 70EC. Relative Humidity 70% (maximum).

Protects against unexpected fluctuations in current.

110-120V~ 50/60Hz (domestic only)
2 x 250V 1.0 Amps T (Time Delay)5 x 20 mm Glass.

220-240V~ 50/60Hz (CE only)
2 x 250V 0.5 Amps T (Time Delay)5 x 20 mm Glass.

Medical grade power supply
Meets domestic and international safety requirements for medical electrical equipment.

Greater than 10 million ohms of Galvanic Skin Resistance.

Provides accurate and reliable measurements of GSR.

Multiple Data Acquisition
Multi-Channel Mode.

  • Provides a more efficient and complete method for measuring GSR
  • Auto Calibration of Gain, providing a unique gain setting per channel in order to maintain the same nominal reference for all 8 channels.
  • Silver plated electrodes on the harness and headband, and conductive velcro on the wrists, fingers, and ankles provide enhanced conductivity.

Multiple Data Acquisition
Single Channel Mode.

Provides point testing capability for more specific measurements.

  • Large digital LED display and variable tone for relative GSR measurement.

Multiple Test Modes
Excitation Review. (Up Function)Channel Review(Down Function).

Allows for remote customer support to verify Hardware integrity.

The BODYSCAN 2010TM is classified as a Class I (grounded) Type B Patient Applied Part medical device.

Dimensions & Weight
Less than 7.5 Kg (16.5 lbs).

Portable table top system.

Factory Switchable from 110-120 VAC to 220-240 VAC (CE Mark Model), 50/60 Hz
Configured for the country of intended use.

Remote Software Activation
Proprietary communication protocol between the BODYSCAN 2010TM and the PC.

Allows optimization of testing and recording of GSR measurements.