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Ch Supt Sarah SidneyWelcome from 
Divisional Commander
Ch Supt Sarah Sidney

Millgarth Division is based in the heart of one of Europe’s fastest growing cities

Leeds is a vibrant 24-hour city which is recognised as a major financial and business centre as well for its excellent shopping and nightlife.

Millgarth’s headquarters stand next to the city’s main bus station and opposite the renowned West Yorkshire Playhouse.

The division is made up of two main areas - in the south is the bustling business community . The economy is strong and diversified. Leeds is the largest financial centre outside of the capital and it has attracted a number of top class stores including 'Harvey Nichols' in Briggate.

The north comprises the residential areas of Burley/Hyde Park, Woodhouse and Little London. The number of permanent residents is very small but the population throughout most of the year is boosted by a large and youthful student population.

Leeds The city centre has a massive transient population made up in the daytime of thousands of people travelling to the city to work and shop and at night time by thousands attracted to its pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as its theatres and music and entertainment venues.

The University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University are based in the city centre attracting students from all over the country. The city is also home of one of the country’s leading teaching hospitals – Leeds General Infirmary.







Useful Contacts

Help Desk
0113 241 3059

Crime Prevention Officer  
0113 241 3039

Domestic Violence
0113 241 3033

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