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Nokia 8310

  Nokia 8310

Nokia 8310
  Stylish Design

Freshness, innovation, and expressiveness mean a lot to you, especially when choosing something as important as your next mobile phone. The new Nokia 8310 is a phone for those who understand that mobile communication should be a perfect blend of technology, fashionable design, and personal expression.


The Nokia 8310 introduces a progressive design language, incorporating the latest look and feel in colors, materials, finishes, and design details. Front and back Xpress-on™ covers and a translucent window frame offer a dramatically changeable appearance, allowing more freedom than ever to personalize the phone exterior. Overlapping translucent surfaces and colors make the beauty of this phone more than skin deep. Shiny chrome surface finish on the main function keys, power key, bezel around the display, and battery release button afford it dazzling detail. It also flaunts a white backlight. It is urban and independent, focused yet casual, making it a phone as unique as its individual users.


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