Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

July 7, 1998 (1 Akbal, 6 Kumku, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you with some interesting stories to tell. Over the past few days, there has been a great shift in some of the energy patterns that are headed towards your galaxy and, especially, your solar system. One of the major events that we have been watching over is the movement of the last bow wave from what your scientists call the Great Nova of 1987. This bow wave, or large energy string, has slowed down due to fact that we have strewn some energy obstacles in its path. Our purpose is to slow down its arrival until late in the galactic year of 11 Ik (2002-03). By that time, you will possess the advanced technology needed to divert its massive energy structure. In addition to this large energy package, there is a great ring of primordial space energy headed towards your galaxy. The local galactic orders of Elohim are preparing to absorb its energies into the space energy fields that make up most of your galaxy. Remember, dear ones, that any dates given are just dates based on possibilities. They bear no relationship to our divine coming, and know that we shall not allow any great catastrophe to strike you.

      You currently live in divine grace and are now in the midst of fundamental changes of which you presently have very little knowledge. Around you, your solar system is rapidly changing to allow it to plunge formally into the main photon belt that now surrounds you. Just as your magnetics and gravity field compositions alter, so your solar systemís space energy fields are also shifting. Many among you believe that drastic changes shall occur on your planet in the next few months. We are sorry to disappoint them, and tell them that so drastic a change shall not yet occur. You are presently on a grand roller coaster ride. It still has some tremendous hills to climb. These hills are like ocean waves. They seem monstrous from a distance, but disappoint when they are actually encountered. The Earthís magnetics are indeed plunging toward zero and its directional field densities are shifting about in a most unusual manner. However, there is a physics in all of this that your scientists cannot in a million years prognosticate, given their current level of scientific knowledge.

      Most of what is happening concerns advanced hyperspace physics and the reconnection of your planetís energy vortexes to them. We are busily regenerating your planet. To do this requires that planet Earthís known life-energy system be completely revitalized. As always, we have a vast fleet monitoring and watching you. Our primary concern remains the safety of your planetary population. We are also committed to fulfilling our divine destiny with you. Our desire is that you do not hear any of the scientific information concerning what is happening to you, and panic. Stay calm and self-directed. Do those things that you need to do to accomplish your purpose. If anything unforeseen occurs that needs our direct attention, we shall instantly evacuate you. Our fleets need only 36 minutes advance warning to evacuate over 6 billion people in less than 2 hours. We have learned much in the past few years about you. Above all, we have discovered how to carry out our sacred task without much advance fanfare. The Angelic Realms are to be vastly commended for what they have taught us about you.

      As you move through the reality of your transforming planet, we sincerely ask that you trust in a few simple truths. First, you are not alone and what you have started, we shall jointly finish. Second, your inner and outer transformation is a sacred trust to both the Spiritual Hierarchy and the many Orders and Administrations of Heaven. This simple fact implies one thing ó you shall never be abandoned and left to fend for yourselves. Three, you have to commit yourselves to completing the divine work that you have been given by the Creator. Four, your present reality will come to a joyful conclusion in the right divine time. The faster all of your population gets itself beyond critical mass, then the swifter this great task shall get done. This sacred task shall not take until the year 2013 to happen. That date, even if we were able to come next month, is all that we can give you. Understand that divine time is the Creatorís time. It is a time formulated by the Divine Plan. What we can do is simply to work smartly. By so doing, we can co-create the nearest divine time possible.

      What is happening to your planet is a complex energy re-connection. All fully conscious planets and solar systems are encased in a multidimensional living force field. This field acts in ways that your science says is impossible. It encases time, light and space in some very unique ways. Interdimensional force fields, as we have just stated, are really sentient. That is, they are really alive and have spiritual and living forces within them. These spiritual forces bend the hyperspace fields according to the whims of the Divine Plan. Advanced physics becomes a physics of living things and the sacred management of conscious fields. It is this very complex dynamic that is now beginning to hit your planet and your solar system in a very big way. This fact means that you need to be educated and prepared completely for an entirely different viewpoint about Creation and its consequences. This holy task is the sacred mission of the local Spiritual Hierarchy. Your reality needs to be shifted as quickly as possible. That task is about to get done in a very big way in the near future. Be prepared for the ride!

      Dear ones, we come to ask you to comprehend what is now happening to you. Around you, there exists a most wondrous electromagnetic field. This field would normally be deeply interrupted if the Earthís magnetic field were to go to zero. It would implode the resonant fields of your auric bodies and cause massive disruptions in your neurological systems. That fact exists because you are tied to the magnetic resonance of the Earth. However, beloved ones, you also have the capability to set your spiritual bodies to the interdimensional life force that daily streams around you. This energy has a different beat and it is currently being used to re-establish the frequencies for a fully conscious Mother Earth. All of us involved in this vast project want you to realize that what is occurring is only happening at a pace that you are fully capable of matching. Consequently, we have quickened the pace. Your new adjustments have served you well. The next ones that will be done to you are the ones that start the next level of the many interdimensional attachments that you now need.

      Every fully sentient Being is attached to both her/his mother planet and to the interdimensional energies from which all physical life came. At present, when you die, this rapid switch in frequencies makes a return to your body physically impossible and permits your life force to return to the holy Light of Creation. In a fully integrated Being, these switches are autonomically linked to your physical and spiritual bodies and assure you your immortality. Your life in the physical plane does not end because of an unwanted death, but only through a simple readjustment of your frequencies. It comes as part of the completion of your contracted life purposes. Each such passing over is merely a transformation that signals the end of one set of physical experiences and the start of a spiritual assessment procedure. This sacred process leads either to another lifetime or to a promotion as a Galactic Presence, if the assessing members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and your Lineage so agree.

      As the life force energies in you are strengthened, you become more able to adjust to what can be put before you. Blessed ones, let us remind you that you have gone through much in the last few months and, in some cases, the last few years. These adjustments have prepared you for what is about to face you. The key, dear Lights, is to remain centered and focused. Also, call upon us as you need us. We are always there to assist in your times of spiritual need. We ask that you understand the immensity of what is happening. On the other hand, we ask you to see that it is nothing that you and we cannot easily handle together. Much is expected of those to whom the great gifts of Heaven are so easily given. We ask that you gather in the holy name of Spirit, of divine Light and of perfect Compassion. Use these moments to give forth your holy energies freely and with the prime intention of co-creating a most marvelous reality for all of Earthís humanity.

      What we have told you today is about great changes in the Earth, in your reality and, especially, in you. We ask that you take this information and understand what we have clearly told you. Share it with others so that any potential difficulties can be alleviated. In Spirit and in Body we come to you with a great message filled with our joy! It is one that explains that a time is quickening around you for a most marvelous arrival. Yet this arrival is not a rescue. It is rather a formal recognition of the vast amount of work that we have done together, and shortly shall complete with you. We leave you now with boundless blessings of complete Love, limitless Joy and endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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