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about the eatonweb portal

this portal is a labor of love. it started back in early 1999 when there were less than 50 known weblogs-there were a lot more than that out there, they just hadn't been discovered. as more kept turning up or getting started, i kept adding them to my list. it's grown a little since then.

about validation

every weblog that is submitted gets validated by me to make sure it fits my loose definition of a weblog: something that's organized chronologically and updated fairly regularly. i also make sure they've been around for about a month. it weeds out the one's where people give up after a few weeks.

since i validate every one by hand, there tends to be a huge backlog. if your weblog isn't listed in the alphabetical index but you can find it doing a search, it hasn't been validated yet. if it's been more than three weeks since you submitted it, email me. if you can't find your weblog in a search, i've probably deleted it. either because it wasn't updated for over a month, or because i couldn't get to it. re-submit it.

about the top ten

the top ten list on the front page is purely based on click-throughs. if a weblogs link is clicked, it's hit counter is increased. if being in the top ten is important to you, you could theoretically add the following link to your webpage and ask your regular readers to increase your standing.

"[insert your weblog id here]".

i do realize that one could very easily screw with the system, but i'm hoping people won't. besides, i keep an eye on it and i do have a relatively good idea of how many hits/day extremely popular weblogs get. if someones weblog has 10X that, i'll probably just wipe the counter or the weblog itself if it happens a lot.

about the [dead?] link

the [dead?] link is a way of notifying me that a weblog no longer exists or its url has changed. it won't delete it from the database, it just gets flagged. so just because you hate eatonweb and hit the [dead?] link every day doesn't mean it will ever get deleted. so don't bother. if enough very active weblogs end up on the dead list, i just wipe the flags from the database and that wastes the effort of people who mark truly dead weblogs.

about the lack of info on some weblogs

a lot of the weblogs in the database were entered before i kept track of things like language or country or descriptions. if it bothers you that your favorite weblog is in the u.k. and is marked as a u.s. weblog, harass the owner and tell them to email me and update their info. or you can email me and if it's a really obvious error, i'll make the change.

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