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The Anime Fanzine Archive Project

Press Release, June, 2001


Announcing The Anime Fanzine Archive Project, a comprehensive project of the Japanese Animation Network / IntAS. This project was first announced at Anime Mid-Atlantic, Richmond, Virginia's first anime convention, over the weekend of June 14-17, 2001.


For the past twenty-five years, anime fandom in the United States has been celebrated in the manner of both local and national fan clubs. Many of these clubs have published newsletters, amateur magazines, classified as "fanzines" (i.e. fan produced magazines), and APA's (Amateur Press Associations). These publications represent a rich history of anime fandom within the United States and contain many fine examples of translations, synopses, artwork, and fiction. Our organization, the J.A.N. / Int.A.S., published a considerable amount of material in paper format from 1987 through 1996, and through trading with other fan based organizations collected several hundred other publications.


The objectives of The Anime Fanzine Archive Project are to collect as many of these publications as possible. Beginning in 2002, we will scan and reformat these publications into PDF format. After that is done, we will begin beta-testing the formats for a variety of operating platforms. Once this step is completed, we will be burning CD's of these files. It is our hope to preserve the information and work of hundreds of dedicated Japanese animation fans for future generations to appreciate.


We need your help. If you have any old fanzines, newsletters, or APA's relating to anime that you do not want, please do not throw them away. Instead, please send them - or photocopies of them - to us at the address at the bottom of this release. If you wish to receive a receipt for tax purposes, please let us know. Major contributors will receive a free copy of the first release compendium. Minor contributors will receive a discount coupon.


Free copies will be issued to major contributors (including those organizations whose materials we use which are still in existence), to the Library of Congress, and to any university or collegiate library requesting copies. Copies will be made available to the general public at a low cost to cover operations, and a discount will be available to minor contributors.


We realize that we will receive new contributions of materials after the first set is released and have made a contingency plan for that. Each year, we will be issuing at least one "Yearbook" appendix which will contain any and all new material received and an updated database / search engine of the materials. These will be made available at both individual and subscription rates.


If you have any questions about this project, please contact us at: The Japanese Animation Network c/o Roy Bruce, Director 7866 Wilton Rd. Richmond, VA 23231-8005 USA Thank you for your support!

Roy Bruce Director, International Animation Sodality / Japanese Animation Network (IntAS / JAN)

The Japanese Animation Network, or JAN, is a sub-organization of the International Animation Sodality, or IntAS, an IRS registered 501(c)3, 502(a)9 non-profit, educational, charitable organization, established in 1987.

Created on ... June 27, 2001