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  A Timeline of ARI's Academic Projects
1987 - To help prepare them for academic careers, graduate students in philosophy were invited to apply to the Institute for advanced training seminars with Dr. Harry Binswanger. The courses covered Objectivist epistemology and ethics, as well as discussions of professional issues. The seminars were held by telephone. Of the original students, a few have since become tenured professors of philosophy.

1994 - Dr. Binswanger's seminars blossomed into the Objectivist Academic Center (OGC). OGC classes were held live both in New York and California and by teleconference. The original faculty included Dr. Leonard Peikoff, Dr. Harry Binswanger, and Mr. Peter Schwartz. [Read a selection of course descriptions of classes offered at the OGC.]

1995 - To prepare entering OGC students, ARI started the Undergraduate Seminar on Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (UPAR). Dr. Gary Hull taught the course live in California and via teleconference to students worldwide. More than 100 students have taken UPAR. This course is now a cornerstone of the OAC's undergraduate curriculum.
[Read a story about UPAR that appeared in ARI's newsletter.]

2000 - Subsuming the OGC and UPAR, the Objectivist Academic Center was founded in 2000. Two new undergraduate-level classes were added: Introduction to Writing and Introduction to Logic. 
A series of first: 
:: ARI issued two multi-year book grants, and awarded a number of graduate-student grants. 
:: Online auditing of lectures was made available to registrants via the Internet. 
:: An introductory video lecture and a five-hour audio seminar made available on the Internet.
:: First resident fellow hired. 
:: Planning began for a new, structured undergraduate curriculum. 

2001 - OAC launched the new undergraduate curriculum. 

2002 - On the horizon: More online presentations and courses. A new, expanded graduate curriculum to be launched.


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