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Cup of Tea Records

The Cup of Tea label reached international fame in the late nineties, with its consistant quality releases of slo-mo beat excursions and weirdelic sound collages from their Bristol based HQ. The label started out as a hobby for two 21 year old students and very soon developed into a serious business. Cup of Tea brought us such ground-breaking acts as Spaceways, Monk and Canatella, Jaz Klash, Sissi, Receiver and Statik Sound System.

The highly popular Purple Penguin outfit that was Scott Hendy and Ben Dubbisson was nurtured by Cup of Tea and went on to spawn an empire that expanded to a record shop and even a hairdressers. Cup of Tea held memorable club nights showcasing some of the best in hip hop, funk and breakbeat DJing and successfully toured extensively around the world.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the nature of which takes the form of a million different rumours, the Cup of Tea empire ceased trading. This was sadly followed by the break up of Purple Penguin and the closure of it's sorely missed record shop. These unfortunate events mean that a large number of highly desirable releases are now completely unavailable. Many acts, however, have gone on to release material on new labels.



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