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Sierra Leone


Voices for Peace




   Diaspora organisations


  Friends of Sierra Leone (FOSL)

  Sierra Leone Assembly of Muslim Youth (SLAMY)

  The Sierra Leone Progressive Union (SLPU)

  The Sierra Leone Women's Movement for Peace - New Jersey Branch




 Friends of Sierra Leone (FOSL)



FOSL was founded in 1991 by a small group of former Peace Corps volunteers, today its membership has grown to include over 400 individuals in 49 US States and over ten other countries. Approximately 65% of FOSL members are former Peace Corps volunteers, 25%  are Sierra Leoneans or Sierra Leonean-Americans, and the remaining 10%  have worked, lived or studied in Sierra Leone (mostly as development workers, former students, and missionaries). FOSL has two missions: 1) To educate Americans and others about currents events in Sierra Leone, and about Salone`s peoples, cultures and history, 2) To support small scale development and relief projects in Sierra Leone. 



Address: P.O. Box 15875
Washington DC 20003,

Website: Friends of Sierra Leone http://www.fosalone.org/

 Sierra Leone Assembly of Muslim Youth (SLAMY)


The Sierra Leone Association of Muslim Youth was formed by Sierra Leonean youths studying in Saudi Arabia, along with other notable Sierra Leoneans, to map out strategies to assist the country following the outbreak of the civil strife in March 1991. SLAMY is a non-political and non-governmental organisation with an assembly comprised of Sierra Leoneans. Its headquarters is established in Freetown.


SLAMY aims to unite Muslim youths throughout the country in pursuance of the Islamic Da'awh principle in and out of Sierra Leone, to support young Muslims to become good citizens, and to support them to engage in productive activities to create self-reliance. The organisation also provides assistance in the following areas: (1.) Education and leadership training, (2.) Training and enlightenment in the Islamic faith, (3.) Basic healthcare services/supply of essential drugs to clinics, (4.) Promote productive farming, (5.) Support to improve business management for trading in local produce and cattle-rearing in order to improve the standard of living of citizens in the country.



Contact: Osman M. Gbessay
E-mail: slamy@sierratel.sl


 The Sierra Leone Progressive Union (SLPU)


The Sierra Leone Progressive Union  (S.L.P.U.) was founded in 1994 to promote education , welfare and co-operation amongst Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad.  Its members host regular meetings on a rotational basis on the first Sunday of each month. SLPU is a national, non-political, non-profit and non-partisan organisation, whose membership is open to all regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity or national origin.



Contact: Pa Santhikie Kanu, Chairman
Address: P.O. Box 9164,
              Alexandria VA 22304,

Telephone: (301)292-8935

Contact: David Bangura, Treasurer
Telephone: (301)277-3624


The Sierra Leone Women`s Movement for Peace - New Jersey Branch


The Sierra Leone Women's Movement for Peace is a non-profit organization that was formed in New Jersey in May 1996, it is a division of the parent organization based in Sierra Leone. The Organization is non-racial and non-political.

The aim and objectives of the movement are:

·          To promote and achieve lasting peace in our beloved Sierra Leone.

·          To promote the well-being of women and children in Sierra Leone.

·          To provide foster care for orphaned and homeless child victims of the war.

·          To participate in counseling and the rehabilitation of victims, especially women and children.

Membership is open to all Sierra Leonean women and women friends of Sierra Leone. Also support is welcomed from all Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone.



Contact:Jarieu Fatima Bona, Chairperson
Address: P.O. Box 5153

Kendall Park,

NJ 08824,



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