2001 EVCO Electrathon Results

Last updated 2001.06.03

The Day

It has never rained at an EVCO Electrathon and once again, the weather cooperated. There were close to 20 vehicles taking part in the event; 4 in the Open class and over a dozen from high schools throughout Ontario.

The day started just after 7:00 a.m. with a bustle of well-orchestrated activity. The parking lot was sectioned off to provide areas for displays, team support vehicles and regular parking. Tables, signs and canopies went up for volunteer and team registration areas. Volunteers registered and set about their appointed duties.

Teams got registered and moved their vehicles into the inspection area. Inspections were carried out efficiently and thoroughly by members of the Ottawa Chapter of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). Vehicles were admitted onto the track for test laps under the watchful eye of officials from the Motorsport Club of Ottawa (MCO). A group of Amateur Radio operators (Hams) provided on-site communications between various officials. AVIS Rent a Car provided a van to transport all the equipment and supplys needed for the Elecrathon. The Ottawa Police Constable and Radar Unit did not show up so we issued our own "speeding tickets" to the competitors.

Display vehicles arrived and took up their places in the display area, including EV electric Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Bicycles. Through all this activity, various members of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa were manning the EVCO booth and coordinating a number of other less visible, but still important, activities.

The period for inspection was extended, and meetings for drivers and officials went slightly longer than planned, so the start time was pushed up an hour from 11:00 to noon. Next year we will plan more time for inspections.

The Race started and every vehicle made a good start. Soon Murphy's Law kicked in and racers were making pit stops and taking care of repairs on the fly; most of them got up and running again and were back in the race. One High School driver did an amazing collision avoidance maneuver he swerved right then hard left but the rear wheel couldn't take the strain and tackoed (The wheel collapsed and looked like a tacko). Team PROPULTRON notices some heavy amp draw and stopped to fix a rubbing brake. Black Shadow's "AMP Rage" car completely burnt out the front wheel bearing. (Do bearings need grease? - Yes). Some vehicles went 50 kmh and some went slower but in Electrathon any car that moves at all is real achievement.

Electrathon 2001 was a real success thanks the valuable contribution of our over one hundred volunteers and sponsors.
Thank you all - Take a bow.

The awards ceremony included trophies (thanks to Paul's Pro Korner of Kanata for really helping us out with the trophies), certificates and cheques totaling $900 were presented to the participants. That is above and beyond the $2500 awarded to high school teams by Mitel for excellence in planning. We are grateful to Mitel, Hydro Ottawa, REV Consultants, Econogics, Co-operators- Bell's Corners, and The Durham Electric Vehicle Association, for their sponsorships and support which provided the funding for rental of the facility, our insurance premium, prize money, printing of the event program, the feeding of our volunteers and participants, and generally making this event possible. We also want to thank St. Johns Ambulance and Crew for their appearance,Terry O'Neil and Exide Canada for offering batteries to our registered teams at very friendly prices, and to CineReal Pro Video for video taping the event and the production of event videos to be available in a few months.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of the more than 100 volunteers who demonstrated patience, flexibility, creativity, good humour and tremendous talents of many kinds in helping us stage this event and keep things rolling as plans were modified throughout the course of the day, and all the participants, who showed us where the real energy for the future will come from - the team members themselves.

Electrathon 2001 Results

High School Class Results
RankLapsNumberTeamHome BaseVehicle Name
160# 73 Courtice Secondary School. Courtice, ON
259# 12 East Northumberland Secondary School, (Blue Tech Dragons) Brighon, ON
353# 01 Arnprior District High School Arnprior, ON Rolling Thunder
450# 99 Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute. Scarborough, ON
546# 4 Woodroffe High School, Ottawa, ONCarbonita
641# 667 Osgoode Township High School, Osgoode, ON
727# 747 Arnprior District High School Arnprior, ON Red Lightning
824# 9 Brookfield High School, Ottawa, ON
920# 8 Woodroffe High School Ottawa, ONSmo
1019# 123 Seaway District High School Iroquois,ON
1110# 2 Earl of March High School, Kanata, ON
1206# 22 Perth & District Collegiate Institute (The Blue Devils) Perth ONThe Blue Flame
1304# 3 Earl of March High School, Kanata, ON


Open Class Results
RankLapsNumberTeamHome BaseVehicle Name
163# 72 Équipe court-circuit, Wakefield, PQ
255# 46 l'équipe PROPULTRON Repentigny, PQ
334# 57 Vincent Black Shadow Racing Ottawa, ON Amp Rage



Technical Merit Award

# 9 Brookfield High School, Ottawa, ON


Phineas Fogg Award

# 99 Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute. Scarborough, ON


Albert McMahon Memorial Award

# 12 East Northumberland Secondary School, (Blue Tech Dragons) Brighon, ON

IEE Notebook Prize

Winners will be posted shortly

(if you won or know who won please e-mail me)

Mitel Corporation Excellence in Planning Awards

Five schools qualified for an award of $500 (Canadian) towards the cost of their project
based on a review of the project plans submitted to Mitel.

Seven schools applied for the five $500 awards, and the results were as follows:

  • Courtice Secondary School Winner
  • Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute Winner
  • Earl of March Secondary School Winner
  • Arnprior District High School Winner
  • Woodroffe High School #2 (SMO II) Winner
  • Woodroffe High School #1 (Carbonita) Honourable Mention
  • Seaway District High school Honourable Mention


    Web-site Contest

    (27 votes received)

    First Place tie with 7 votes each:

    #747 Arnprior District High School (Red Lightning) Arnprior, ON
    # 57 Vincent Black Shadow Racing, (Amp Rage) Ottawa, ON

    Second Place with 6 votes:

    # 46 l'équipe PROPULTRON Repentigny, PQ

    Third Place with 3 votes:

    # 4 Woodroffe High School Carbonita, Ottawa, ON

    Forth Place tie with 2 votes each:

    #01 Arnprior District High School (Rolling Thunder) Arnprior, ON
    # 4 Woodroffe High School (Smo) Ottawa, ON


    Prize for Contest Voters

    Lee Smith

    Bob Nye

    Baldwin Jumao-as also voted but we didn’t get the voter’s notice until after the race.

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