Ian's Camel

This model is reasonably simple (or as I prefer "stylised") and is designed for a nativity scene folded from squares of paper.

If making my "nativity" then I suggest you make two or three camels to go with the wise men. (I know its not great but my first camel was a three legged wonder!) The front legs may be valley folded to right in last stage to at least get the knees right. I'll probably make a better camel later on.. this was my "artistic licence" attempt.
The square of paper should be twice the size of the other models in order to allow wise men to "ride" on it.
1. Start with a square of paper and crease as marked. Fold a preliminary base 2. Crease sides to centre, Valley fold bottom point upwards repeating behind to form bird base 3. Valley fold point down so right edge lies along bottom of "triangle". Repeat behind.
4. Valley fold left edge of flap to "bottom edge of triangle" and repeat behind. 5. Reverse fold bottom point up where marked to look like (6). 6. Reverse fold front leg downward. Repeat behind
7.Mountain fold where marked into "neck", repeat behind. 8. Reverse fold bottom point into itself where marked 9. Sink little triangle marked forming basis for legs!
10. The result. Mountain fold edges where marked into "leg". Repeat behind. Reverse fold head 11. Result..Reverse fold flap behind leg to make tail. Reverse fold head to make "squarer". 12. Complete. A very "stylistic camel". Front legs may be "reversed" by a valley fold on right edge.

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