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The Internet faces unprecedented threats—not from hackers and viruses—but from corporations and government regulators. By attempting to wall off portions of cyberspace, these forces are undermining the Internet's potential to foster democracy and economic growth worldwide.
By Lawrence Lessig

Reinventing War
One day after the assaults on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, four of America's top retired military leaders met with FP to talk tactics in the war on terrorism. They also exchanged views on everything from the prospects for reform and waste in the defense budget to the future of peacekeeping and the military's remarkable technophobia.
Faith-Based Initiatives
Ignore all that talk about a "clash of civilizations." Islam might be the Middle East's best chance for democracy and the West's best hope for fighting terrorism.
By Ray Takeyh
The Lone Gunmen
The global war on terrorism faces a new brand of enemy. Meet the megalomaniacal hyperterrorists. By Ehud Sprinzak
Estranged Partners
Despite post-September 11 proclamations of solidarity, the U.S. and Europe are parting ways on many issues. Problem is, when Europe and the U.S. disagree, the world suffers. But when they cooperate, almost anything is possible.
By Jessica T. Mathews
A Matter of Precision
Air attacks on civilian noncombatants, whether intentional or accidental, have long triggered public revulsion. Yet bombing nations may be more humane than sanctioning them.
By Phillip S. Meilinger
Resources and Information on Terrorism
FP offers a selection of articles and links to help better understand international terrorism and how to respond to it.
In Other Words
French scholars give former President Bill Clinton a well-seasoned grilling
Global Newsstand
'Tis the season for bioterrorism | Russian firms try to reform | Arab TV sends mixed signals | Singapore boosts its self-esteem | Europe stands divided

Net Effect
Roma get settled in cyberspace | E-petitioners spread the word | Development learns to profit from e-commerce | Plus, who's protecting human rights on the Web?

November | December 2001

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