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Soldiers flash V-signs from their armored personnel carrier as they prepare to enter the Palestinian village of Salfit on Friday.
Soldiers flash V-signs from their armored personnel carrier as they prepare to enter the Palestinian village of Salfit on Friday. (AP)
1 Tevet 5762, Sunday Dec. 16, 2001, (04:19)

10 Palestinians killed as IDF steps up anti-terror crackdown
By David Rudge
The IDF intensified its crackdown on the West Bank and Gaza Strip over the weekend with a series of operations.
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US vetoes Palestinian-backed UN resolution
By Edith M. Lederer
But the US stressed that it has not abandoned the vision of a Palestinian state living in peace with Israel.
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Will the decision to stop dealing with Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority make it easier for Israel to tackle the terror threat?

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"The foreign minister [Shimon Peres] is the subject of frequent attacks, but he never opposed a single military maneuver. True, he is still committed to Oslo, which is long gone, but when it comes down to it, he is security-minded."

--Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told a rally of more than 500 Likud supporters last night.

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Parshat Miketz
Dec. 14, 2001

Jerusalem Post Radio feature:
How has interfaith dialogue changed since Sept. 11?
On M.I Twersky's 'Newsmakers' broadcast, a talk with Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.
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Mortars hit Gush Katif despite IDF crackdown
By David Rudge
The mortar attack occurred despite the widespread and intensive IDF operations against terrorist cells and mortar squads in the Gaza Strip.
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Zinni returns home for 'consultations'
By Herb Keinon and Janine Zacharia In Washington
US special envoy Anthony Zinni headed home last night, leaving the region in the grips of worse violence than when he arrived.
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PA officials, Peres seeking way out of impasse
By Lamia Lahoud
The pressure on Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has boosted his popularity once again among Palestinians.
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Hapoel Haifa owner Shapira takes own life
By Ofer Ronen-Abels
Hapoel Haifa owner Robi Shapira, 52, committed suicide in his Nigeria office on Friday, leaving the already financially unstable club in further turmoil.
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Cabinet to discuss NIS 6.15b. budget cut today
By Tal Muscal
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is set to ask the cabinet today to approve a NIS 6.15 billion cut to the NIS 254.8b. state budget for 2002.
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November CPI falls a startling 0.6%
By Tal Muscal
Not since 1958 has November's cost of living index decreased by this amount.
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Poll: Bush a hit among US Jewish voters
By Melissa Radler
The poll shows Bush's approval rating among Jews at 80% -- four times the percentage of Jewish votes he received in November 2000.
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Swedish Institute official denies it is closing
By Haim Shapiro
Jerusalem's landmark ecumenical institute is not closing, but it will greatly cut back its activities.
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Treasury seeks NIS 6.15b budget cut
By Tal Muscal
December 13th 21:00--On Sunday the government is set to approve the Finance Ministry's proposal of a NIS 6.15 billion cut in the 2002 state budget, an update of the growth forecast from 4 percent to 2%, and an increase in the budget deficit target to 3% of GDP from 2.4% of GDP.
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US firmly behind Israel

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Looking through the fence
By Larry Derfner
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After Arafat

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Daniel Bloch
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The Jerusalem Report
Israel won't suspend targeted killings during U.S. cease-fire effort
Israel has flatly ruled out suspending its policy of targeted killings of key Palestinian terrorists during the current cease-fire mediation mission of Colin Powell's special envoy Anthony Zinni. See our site...

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