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Updated 29th December 1999

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My thoughts:

I suppose in reality, Save GLR is a bit over the top. The station isn't actually disappearing BUT to a majority of us it will seem that way.

There are plans afoot to change the format of GLR, that is to make it more speech based so it will be a bit like other BBC Local Radio.

Now, to state the obvious, London isn't Essex or Kent or Cornwall. 8 million people live here and I would guess that the population that is covered by GLR is nearer 12 Million. I don't honestly think that we are going to be able to find Mrs Jones' fluffy white cat or that it will be possible to advertise every jumble sale that is going to take place on Saturday at 2.00pm.

The powers that be need to know what GLR is about and how unique it is in the world of radio. We are continually told that the BBC is funded to give us choice. What they are planning is already available in London, what we haven't got (or won't have) is a means to hear new musical talent and this is very important. It will not happen if left to the commercial sector which is consumer/advertiser driven. So that is why BBC GLR is so important.

I believe that it will be a sad loss to the world if these proposals are followed through and it is up to us to make a noise and stop it happening.

I don't really know what I can do to help but feel as someone who has spent a little of his time promoting the station I should do something.

The GLR campaign songs are London Calling (The Clash) and Going Underground (The Jam)

So everytime you hear either of these songs you can be sure that their is someone else thinking about the future of GLR!

My selection for a campaign song is:

Hell Is Around The Corner. (Tricky)

So come on Robert, Andrea, Gideon, Ross, Chris, anyone...please let's hear it.


From this site, I have started an online petition.

For sake of balance and comparison, there are two petitions

Click on the email link below of your choice.

Just adding your name and email address

You may add further information or comments if you wish.


Click here



Click here


The petition has now been sent to the BBC. But I will leave it up and running for a while on the website so people can still offer their support. I know that the BBC view this site so keep the 'signatures' coming.

I will require an email address but I won't publish it. This is to stop people being pestered with junk mail etc.

The Signatures

Click here to see a list of signatures

And now read some of their comments.