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    --- Bill Gates (not an exact quote, but the meaning remains)

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    Top stories
    Beyond an Eye for an Eye...
    Washington Post   Dec 16 2001 2:02PM ET
    Arafat pleads for talks with Israel...
    BBC   Dec 16 2001 1:52PM ET
    No Sign of bin Laden in Last Major Holdout of Al Qaeda...
    New York Times   Dec 16 2001 12:26PM ET
    Arafat begs for talks with Israel...
    BBC   Dec 16 2001 12:07PM ET
    Eastern Alliance Claims Victory Over Al Qaeda in Tora Bora...
    New York Times   Dec 16 2001 9:50AM ET
    Eastern Alliance Claim Victory Over Al Qaeda in Tora Bora...
    New York Times   Dec 16 2001 9:12AM ET
    Last al-Qaeda stronghold falls...
    BBC   Dec 16 2001 7:53AM ET
    Bin Laden Remans Elusive as Hundreds Killed in Tora Bora...
    New York Times   Dec 16 2001 7:16AM ET
    Gaza buildings hit by Israeli strikes...
    BBC   Dec 16 2001 7:07AM ET
    Rumsfeld Visits Afghanistan, Bin Laden Still Free...
    iWon   Dec 16 2001 5:46AM ET
    Afghan cave war rages on...
    BBC   Dec 16 2001 12:22AM ET
    Tora Bora Attack Advances in Tough Fighting...
    New York Times   Dec 15 2001 9:16PM ET
    U.S. Believes It Has Recorded Radio Messages From bin Laden...
    New York Times   Dec 15 2001 9:16PM ET
    Bin Laden Overheard Directing Fighters By Radio...
    iWon   Dec 15 2001 9:16PM ET
    Israel hits Gaza security buildings...
    BBC   Dec 15 2001 7:07PM ET
    Bin Laden possibly heard speaking via radio...
    CNN   Dec 15 2001 3:29PM ET
    Bin Laden overheard in Tora Bora...
    BBC   Dec 15 2001 2:52PM ET
    US recalls Mid-East envoy...
    BBC   Dec 15 2001 11:22AM ET
    Al Qaeda Resistance Falters Under Heavy Attack...
    New York Times   Dec 15 2001 10:16AM ET
    Al Qaeda Fighters Isolated On Ridge...
    Washington Post   Dec 15 2001 8:30AM ET
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