FLASH BRACKETS For the Nikon Digital
















After years of fooling with brackets, and building most by hand in the machine shop, the off-the shelf philosophy is the way I recommend you go.  Stroboframe is not the cheapest bracket but offers the most bang for the buck. Here are two units I settled on, and modified of course. Both are moderate priced Stroboframes. They will work with other brand cameras, flashes and digitals. This ensures that you will not be getting a dead end or proprietary unit like the Rollobar or the Versa-Tec which is a dead end with a model change.

These units allow the flash to go vertical or horizontal with the digital  or conventional camera aligning the light correctly. We used a Stroboframe Quick Flip 350 with two Nikon AS-900 cables linked in series to provide double usage. We recommend (optionally)  the Bogen Quick Release plate for the Nikon 990 and one extra plate to the frame for the tripod, monopod or Claw Clamp. The second port on the handle at the side (where the first cord plugs into) supports the IR receiver for remote flash. Cords are nicely imbedded in the handle for a slick and neat appearance. Flash is directly over the lens whether horizontal or vertical.

Actually the circuitry of the AS-E900 is primal. It's the coupler or plug that isn't. It's very 
proprietary, the only company so far able to duplicate it is Paramount Cords by reverse 
engineering it and making the molds themselves.

In fact after repairing several (it's what I do) I'm not that happy in the amount of returns 
I see that fail. There are three wires in it.  Power, ground and squelch from the camera. 
It's not a TTL setup. It's a remote sensor for the flash setup using the squelch sensor 
located next to the prime flash on camera or in the case of the 995 only when the light 
is in the up position..

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