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Karl Malone's outdoors and community interests

      In addition to being a 12-time NBA All-Star, two-time MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist, Karl Malone is also an avid outdoorsman. He knows and loves hunting, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling and other outdoor recreation.
      Karl's also very involved with the outdoor community, as is reflected in his business ventures that share his vision of responsible and compelling recreation and adventure.
      But Karl's business interests don't stop with the outdoors. Karl's campaign to help Amercia's youth with the foundation that bears his name is as compassionate as it is altruistic. And with his wife, Kay, overseeing the operation of a historic Salt Lake bed and breakfast, there's always time to wind down from an outing in style.
      Tooting our own horn? You bet. Because at, we're proud to have Karl Malone as our partner and primary spokesperson. We think you'll agree, he's an amazing voice for an amazing company.

Karl Malone Foundation for Kids
      The Foundation is dedicated to helping children in the Intermountain West, with a particular focus on Utah. The Foundation strives to create a sense of well-being and stability in the lives of children who are suffering from illness, injury, isolation, abandonment, poverty and other misfortune.

Wolfe Krest Bed and Breakfast
      A perfect blend of classic elegance and modern convenience, Wolfe Krest Bed and Breakfast features 13 deluxe suites exclusively designed by Kay Malone. This historic mansion overlooking downtown Salt Lake City is the perfect getaway for everything from a romantic honeymoon to a unique business retreat.