The wild, wild world of
Kent Hovind

Mr. Kent Hovind is a Young Earth Creationist, one of those narrow biblical literalists that insist on claiming that every word in the bible is the absolute truth. Naturally, this gives rise to conflicts with modern scientific research, which contradict the literal interpretation of the bible. Mr. Hovind has found ways of rejecting the findings of modern science, and to those ends he has concocted the "Hovind Theory" of creation.

He is, well, one of the more interesting (and amusing) of all the creationists. Reminiscent of old-time tent revivals, he travels around the country giving his seminars and debates in churches.

Claiming to be undefeated, he has even constructed a long list of questions for evolutionists. He claims this list of questions are unanswerable. Well, only from the standpoint that no self-respecting and hard-working scientist would waste his or her valuable time with such a laundry list of easily refuted nonsense. This is where I come in. Not being a professional scientist, I have to do a lot of legwork in digging up the answers, and consulting experts, but the upshot is that I have the time to tackle such a time consuming undertaking.

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New! Someone who has attempted to claim Hovind's $250,000 challenge to evolution.

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Patriot University, where Kent Hovind received his so-called "Ph.D.". He claims that when he went there, it was located somewhere else. So what? What kind of "university" would ever locate itself in a split-level??

The application for enrollment for Patriot University.

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New-- Another website that details the experiences someone had dealing with Mr. Hovind. An interesting read.

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