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Historical Dates for America Online, Inc.

09/11/01   AOL Service Surpasses 31 Million Members
09/05/01   AOL Latin America Surpasses 1 Million Members
06/25/01   AOL Service Surpasses 30 Million Members
04/16/01   AOL Service Surpasses 29 Million Members
03/08/01   AOL Service Surpasses 28 Million Members
01/16/01   AOL Service Surpasses 27 Million Members
01/11/01   America Online & Time Warner complete merger
12/12/00 AOL Service Surpasses 26 Million Members
10/24/00 AOL Service Surpasses 25 Million Members
09/05/00 AOL Service Surpasses 24 Million Members
09/05/00 America Online, Inc. Acquires iAmaze
08/31/00 America Online, Inc. Acquires Quack.Com
08/08/00 AOL Argentina Launches
07/11/00 AOL Mexico Launches
06/22/00 Winamp Surpasses 25 Million Registrants
06/16/00 AOL Service Surpasses 23 Million Members
05/11/00 ICQ Tops 65 Million Registered Users
03/21/00 AOL Surpasses 22 Million Members
02/15/00 Netscape Netcenter Passes 25 Million Registrant Milestone
02/02/00     AOL Surpasses 21 Million Members
01/20/00 AOL Latin America Files Registration Statement for IPO
01/10/00 America Online & Time Warner Announce Plans to Merge
12/17/99     AOL Surpasses 20 Million Members
12/01/99     ICQ Surpasses 50 Million Registered Users
12/01/99     AOL Acquires Tegic Communications
11/22/99 Splits stock two-for-one
11/16/99     AOL Brasil Launches
10/25/99     AOL Surpasses 19 Million Members
10/20/99     AOL and Gateway Announce Strategic Partnership
10/19/99     Netscape Breaks 20 Million Registrant Milestone
10/14/99     AOL Germany Surpasses One Million Members
10/13/99     Motorola and AOL Plan to Develop Wireless Application for AOL Instant Messenger 
09/28/99     Launch of AOL Hong Kong
09/22/99     Netscape Search ranked #1 by Search Engine Watch publication
08/24/99     AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) surpasses 45 million users; launches next generation AIM Version 3.0
08/17/99     AOL surpasses 18 million members
08/09/99     ICQ exceeds 40 million registered users, 14 months following its acquisition by AOL, more than tripling the number of registered users
07/27/99     AOL and GTE partner to provide ADSL service
06/22/99     AOL and 3Com Corporation announced a strategic relationship to give
      AOL members access to their e-mail for the first time via a handheld computer
06/21/99     AOL and Hughes Electronics form a strategic alliance to market unparalleled digital entertainment and Internet Services
06/21/99     AOL signs pacts with DIRECTV, Inc., Hughes Network Systems, Philips Electronics, and Network Computer, Inc. to help bring connected interactivity to TV experience
06/15/99     AOL acquires Digital Marketing Services, Inc., the leader in online incentive marketing programs and online custom market research
06/01/99     AOL acquires leading Internet music brands -- Spinner.com, Winamp AND SHOUTcast
05/21/99     AOL completes its acquisition of MovieFone, Inc.
04/14/99     AOL surpasses 17 million members
04/05/99     AOL acquires When Inc.
03/24/99     AOL announces a new organization to integrate Netscape's operations and build on the strengths of the Netscape brand
03/17/99     AOL completes its acquisition of Netscape Communications Corporation
03/11/99     AOL and SBC Communication announce partnership to deliver high-speed DSL access
02/22/99     Splits stock two-for-one
02/17/99     AOL announces that Marc Andreessen of Netscape Communications Corporation will become Chief Technology Officer
02/09/99     AOL surpasses 16 Million members
02/03/99     AOL and First USA announce agreement that represents the Internet's largest advertising and marketing partnership to date, valued at up to $500M
02/01/99     AOL announces intention to acquire MovieFone, Inc. the nation's #1 movie listing and ticketing service
01/26/99     AOL Inc. surpasses 3 million AOL and CompuServe members outside of the U.S.
01/12/99     AOL and Bell Atlantic announce partnership to deliver high-speed DSL access
12/30/98     AOL surpasses 15 million members
12/22/98     Standard and Poor's announces that America Online will be added to the S&P 500 Index
12/15/98     AOL and The Cisneros Group announce Latin America joint venture
11/24/98     AOL announces acquisition of Netscape; strategic partnership with Sun Microsystems
11/17/98     Splits stock two-for-one
11/12/98     AOL exceeds 14 million members
11/11/98     AOL announces acquisition of PersonaLogic, Inc.
10/07/98     AOL and Bertelsmann launch AOL Australia
08/27/98     AOL surpasses 13 million members
07/23/98     AOL announces full deployment of V.90 standard
06/08/98     AOL announces intention to acquire Mirabilis LTD and its ICQ Technology
05/06/98     AOL announces intention to acquire NetChannel, Inc.
04/16/98     AOL passes 12 million members
03/16/98     Splits stock two-for-one
02/10/98     AOL and CIC announce plans to launch online service in Hong Kong
02/02/98     AOL completes acquisition of CompuServe
01/20/98     AOL passes 11 million members
12/16/97     Passes 1 million member mark outside of US
11/17/97     AOL passes 10 million members
10/27/97     AOL Studios launches Entertainment Asylum
10/07/97     AOL and Bertelsmann, AG announce plans to launch an online service in Australia
09/08/97     AOL announces intention to acquire CompuServe Online Services
09/02/97     AOL passes 9 million members
06/17/97     AOL Studios launches WorldPlay Entertainment
06/16/97     Passes 750,000 member mark internationally
04/15/97     Launches AOL Japan
03/10/97     Acquires Lightspeed Media to create original content for Greenhouse Entertainment Network
03/04/97     Chat rooms opened to advertisers
02/25/97     Multi-year, $100 million marketing deal announced with Tel-Save Holdings
01/16/97     Passes 8 million members
12/01/96     Introduces unlimited use pricing plan of $19.95 per month
11/25/96     Excite becomes AOL's exclusive Internet search and directory service
11/13/96     Reaches 7 million members
09/16/96     Moves from Nasdaq to the New York Stock Exchange, where it is listed under symbol "AOL"
08/06/96     Acquires ImagiNation Network (INN) to expand multiplayer games offering
07/01/96     Launches version 3.0 for Windows
05/30/96     Exceeds 6 million members
05/08/96     Announces joint venture with Mitsui and Nikkei to launch service in Japan
03/18/96     Launches AOL France
03/12/96     Marketing distribution alliances announced with Apple and AT&T. Browser partnerships announced with Microsoft and Netscape Communications. Licensing and developing agreement announced with Sun Microsystems.
02/06/96     Passes 5 million members
02/01/96     Acquires Johnson-Grace, leading developers of data compression technology
01/31/96     Launches AOL UK and AOL Canada
12/28/95     Exceeds 4.5 million members
11/28/95     Third two-for-one stock split in just over one year (closing price, post-split: $39 7/8)
11/28/95     Bertelsmann, AG and America Online launch AOL Germany
11/08/95     The Developers Studio launched to provide AOL software tools to third party developers
11/08/95     PC Magazine, Family PC Magazine, Online Access Magazine and the Information Industry Association rate AOL "Best Consumer Online Service"
10/19/95     Completes sale of previously registered shares at $58.38
10/30/95     Launch of GNN , AOL's direct Internet service
09/22/95     Acquires Ubique, Ltd., creator of Virtual Places
09/19/95     Registration filed for secondary offering of 3,500,000 shares
07/06/95     Passes 3,000,000 members
06/01/95     Acquires Global Network Navigator (GNN) as platform for direct Internet service; acquires WebCrawler search tool
05/22/95     Acquires WAIS, an Internet publisher, and Medior, a developer of interactive media
05/03/95     Exceeds 2,500,000 members
04/27/95     Splits stock two-for-one
04/03/95     First participants of the Greenhouse announced: The eGG, Health ResponseAbility Systems, InterZine Productions, The Motley Fool, NetNoir, and Health Zone
03/01/95     Joint venture with Bertelsmann, AG announced to create European online services
02/21/95     Passes 2,000,000 members
02/17/95     Acquires ANS, a commercial Internet access provider
12/29/94     Acquires BookLink Technologies, developer of Internet applications
11/30/94     Acquires NaviSoft, developer of Internet publishing tools
11/28/94     Splits stock two-for-one
11/17/94     The Greenhouse launched to develop original content online
08/19/94     Acquires Redgate Communications, a multimedia publishing company
08/16/94     Reaches 1,000,000 members
12/07/93     Secondary offering for 1,000,000 shares
12/93     Exceeds 500,000 members
01/93     Windows version of America Online launched
03/19/92     America Online goes public on the NASDAQ market at original price of $11.50, under symbol AMER
10/91     Quantum Computer Services changes name to America Online, Inc.
02/91     DOS version of America Online launched
06/90     Quantum's "Promenade" service launched for the IBM PS/1
10/89     "America Online" service is launched for Macintosh and Apple II
08/88     Quantum's "PC-Link" launched through a joint venture with Tandy Corporation
11/85     Quantum's first online service, "Q-Link," launched on Commodore Business Machines
05/24/85     Date of incorporation under original founding name, Quantum Computer Services, registered in Delaware
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