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Brennan Family History

The best place to find the history regarding the Brennan family is BRENNAN Family History (Brennans of Kilkenny, Ireland).  A great site to start regarding the Brennan family of Kilkenny County, Ireland.  

The Brennan surname is one of the most frequent surnames in Ireland and is to be found throughout the country, though noticeably less common in Ulster. It derives from the two Irish originals O'Braonain and MacBranain. The MacBranain family were chiefs of a large territory in the east of the present County Roscommon, and a large majority of the Brennan families of North Connacht, counties Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon, descend from them. O'Braonain originated in at least four distinct areas: Kilkenny, east Galway, Westmeath and Kerry. Of these the most powerful were the O'Braonain of Kilkenny, chiefs of Idough (see the Brennans of Idough) in the north of the county. After they lost their land and status to the English, many of them became notorious as leaders of bands of outlaws. A separate family, the O'Brainain, are the ancestors of many of the Brennans of counties Fermanagh and Monaghan, where the name was also anglicised as Brannan and Branny.

Coat Of Arms

There are three places of which the Brennan Family Network has found on the internet for the Brennan Coat of Arms.  

Brennan Coat of Arms (the Ossory Coat of Arms)

Brennan Coat of Arms (the O'Braonain) -Ossory

Brennan Coat of Arms (the O'Brennan) -Connacht

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Brennan Resource Pages on the Web

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