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Frequently Asked Questions about the SuSE family of companies

Who is SuSE?

SuSE is the international Linux technology leader, providing software, consulting, technical support (Tier 1, 2, and 3), and partnership programs to customers and resellers worldwide.

We are the oldest and most experienced major Linux solutions provider. Since SuSE's foundation in 1992, our name has become synonymous with precision-engineered Linux products and intelligent services for business, scientific applications, and personal use. Partnerships with Compaq, SGI, IBM, and Oracle, among others, attest to SuSE's excellence. Our flagship product is SuSE Linux, a commercial Linux distribution.

What does "SuSE" mean, and how do you pronounce it?

SuSE, pronounced soo'-suh, comes from the German acronym, "Software und Systementwicklung (Software and System Development).

How is SuSE different from other Linux companies?

  • Experience: SuSE has implemented open source solutions worldwide for eight years.
  • Expertise: SuSE's 500-plus staff includes over 100 prominent open source developers. We know the code because we helped create it.
  • Partners: SuSE partners with companies like IBM, Oracle, Compaq, and SGI to provide first-class products and services to individual, business, and enterprise clients.
  • Products: In addition to providing software and hardware, SuSE solves complex business problems with its prepackaged products, support, and consulting services. Companies working with SuSE are implementing heterogeneous networks, highly-available clusters, e-commerce, database packages, and other projects -- finding that open-source solutions are both robust and economical. We provide end-to-end solutions.
  • Open Source Commitment: SuSE supports a standardized and open source Linux, available to all. We believe in retaining customers through excellent service, not through proprietary software.
  • International Focus: With distributions in seven languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and French) -- and offices in the US, UK, Europe, South America, and India, SuSE's international perspective clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

...And what about your Linux distribution?

  • More platforms: With distributions available in i386(Intel and compatible), Alpha, PPC, SPARC, and IBM S/390 servers, SuSE Linux is easily integrated into today's complex networks. SuSE is available across the entire IBM eServer line of products and also runs on Macintosh systems.
  • Tailored versions: Our Intel version is offered in a Personal Edition for home and small office users, as well as an advanced Professional Edition for enterprise users, IT professionals, and server solutions. The Professional Edition, in both CD and DVD formats, includes over 1900 applications. That's more than twice as many as our leading competitor offers.

In addition, our line of Professional Solutions products offers open source software tailored to specific applications such as implementing mail servers (such as SendMail), firewalls, high availability (FailSafe), and clustering (Beowulf). Therefore SuSE has offerings designed for any size customer wanting to implement open source solutions.

Is SuSE publicly traded? How's your company doing?

Currently privately held, we had a 350% increase in US sales in 1999. We have over 500 employees worldwide and are rapidly expanding. SuSE will soon have additional US offices in Minneapolis, MN and Reston, VA.

Why should I go with SuSE?

There are many good reasons to choose SuSE Linux, no matter what kind of user you are:

  • Individual: For home and office use, the SuSE Linux distribution offers you more software for the money and is easy to install and update.
  • Business: SuSE is the technical leader in open source solutions, and can be implemented in Intel, PPC, Alpha, S/390, and SPARC platforms. SuSE's robust installation and update tools make it the preferred Linux for system administration. A comprehensive toolkit, the Professional Edition includes all the software required to implement projects like Oracle 8i and includes the most features for running Oracle 8i of any Linux distribution. For those developing Linux software, SuSE offers a Business Partner Program.
  • Enterprise: SuSE has an international presence, and is committed to creating and servicing open source software in heterogeneous environments. A leader in its field and a respected contributor to Linux, SuSE is fiscally and technically strong.