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Macromedia is dedicated to supporting all customers. Since certain portions of are difficult to navigate using assistive devices, we are in the process of making the site more accessible. In the meantime, check this page for the latest information about how to best access

How to Best Access This Site With Assistive Devices
If you use assistive devices, the HTML version of may be easiest to navigate. Please click the button below for the version of the site you would like to see.


HTML Version Macromedia Flash Version


If you find that you need to click the HTML button each time you visit, and would rather have the site be automatically displayed in HTML, you may need to enable cookies in your browser.

How to Get Further Assistance
If, even using the HTML version of, you have difficulty accessing the content you need, please contact Customer Service and we will make every effort to help you find information you have difficulty accessing.

Help Us Make Our Site Accessible
We welcome your suggestions and comments. Please send us your feedback about accessibility.

Accessibility Information for Developers
To learn more about making Web sites accessible, visit our Accessibility Resource Center.
Find out more about Flash Accessibility.


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