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Updated:  12/09/01
On the adult Star Trek Page, the beginning of Part Eight of "The Castaways" is now posted.
Glimpses of a Life, a new vignette based on "Court Martial" is now posted.
Don't miss the update to Fantasia Toys & Collecibles! I've added a lot of Star Trek, Star Wars and Xena action figures and toys!  CHECK IT OUT!!
My Star Trek fan fiction
The vast majority of my ST fiction revolves around Spock and Christine Chapel.  Much of it is adult oriented. If you are under 18, please do not access any fiction marked R or NC-17.
My Star Wars fan fiction
Click this link to reach an archive of my SW fan fiction.
My other fan fiction
Falcon Press
Click this link to reach an archive of my Indiana Jones fan fiction.  There's also a selection of the other types of fanfic I've done over the years.
Falcon Press Publications
Star Trek and Star Wars fanzines, both currently available and upcoming.
My fan art
A few examples of the fanzine art I've done over the years.
My other websites...
My poetry and filks
Some of the poetry and filksongs I have written over the years.
The Spock and Christine Mailing List Fanfic Site
The best Spock and Christine stories on the Internet ... or anywhere else, for that matter! Restricted to persons age 18 or over (or whatever is legal age on your planet!).
Other Stuff...
1001 Trek Tales
Dedicated to preserving TOS fan fiction from out of print zines.
The "I'm a Looney" Page
All the offbeat lunacy I've picked up off the Internet that I deemed worthy of keeping!  Updated March 15, 2001
Southern Enclave Online
New home for Star Wars fandom's longest running letterzine!
Star Trek Photo Gallery
A gallery of some of the people that populate the Star Trek original series from Starfleet to the Klingon Empire and beyond!
About me and this site...
Links to Places I'll Bet You Didn't Even Know Existed!
Links to other fan fiction sites, graphics and pictures, pro writers and publishing, humor, and a few places so weird I couldn't resist listing them!
Hi!  I'm Cheree Cargill.  Welcome to my homepage.  This is the starting place to all my various hobby interests.  You'll find links to my Star Trek, Star Wars and Indiana Jones fan fiction, plus other things I have written, my original fan art, photo galleries to the ST universe, looney humor, links to weird and wonderful websites, current Falcon Press publications, and whatever else strikes my fancy!

This site is under constant construction because I am always changing, adding and moving around the things I put here. Feel free to visit often and explore to your heart's content!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Help! My collection is taking over my house!  See what I'm clearing out of a huge Star Trek and Star Wars collection!  Updated 12/09/01 and lots of ST and SW toys added!!  Click here!
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