Rabbi Meir Kahane Z"L
Rabbi Meir ... Kahane four days before his assassination
Four Days Before His Assassination





Rabbi Meir Kahane    

KACH  was the Zionist political party and ideological movement founded by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. It called for the transfer of Israel's Arab population to Arab (or other) lands. This would have completed the population exchange begun in the late1940s when the Arab countries EXPELLED their 850,000+ Jewish residents to Israel. Incredibly the same "liberal" Knesset which still allows Israeli Arab nationalist parties (which openly call for a replacement of Israel with an Arab state) banned Kahane and his democratically elected KACH party! They called Kahane a "racist" because he truly believed Israel should be a JEWISH homeland... how dare he be so racist!



MK Dahamshe  Arab Knesset Member Abdel Malik Dahamshe... In July 1998, he 'courageously' remarked, "Any Arab that serves the Israeli army is a disgusting criminal. We reject all forms of national service on behalf of Israel, because we are part of the 'Palestinian' people."


MK Bishara  Arab Knesset Member Azmi Bishara ... After the killing of three Israeli soldiers, he called Hizbullah (Lebanon-based terror group that attacks civilians in Israel's northern cities) "a brave organization that has taught Israel a lesson." On June 8, 2000, at a 'victory convention' in the Israeli-Arab town of Um el Fahm, he announced to a crowd of Arab listeners that "The Hizbullah has won, and for the first time since 1967 we have tasted the sweet taste of victory. The Hizbullah should be proud of their achievement and of humiliating Israel."

Conclusion: Arab Members of Knesset are PLO and Hizbullah agents


Rabbi Kahane's KACH Party was banned from the Knesset for it was described as a "terrorist organization."  He and all those who agree with him are STILL denied their free speech, whereas each and every fanatical anti-Jewish racist, every Arab fascist, Stalinist and Neo-Nazi, every Leftist traitor cheering Arab atrocities against Jews, enjoys total protection of free speech. 

 THIS is not "Democracy... This is MADNESS!!! 



Note: Among the Arabs within Israel are the Druze and Bedouin minorities, many of whom  ARE loyal to Israel and are even drafted into the Israel Defense Forces along with their Jewish counterparts.  These "good Arabs" HAVE earned the right to live within the State of Israel! 

                                Three kids already fully-cooked and one still in the oven!    A population transfer cannot be avoided if Israel is to remain a democratic JEWISH State! The Israeli Arab birthrate is the fourth highest in the entire world (larger than India!).  Every demographer admits that the higher birth rate of the Israeli Arabs (doubling their numbers every 18 years) as opposed to that of the Jews (doubling their population every 45 years) will lead to an absolute Arab Israeli majority within the next 20 years!  This will happen even if Israel continues to take in thousands more Soviet Jews!  We are talking about Israel's Arabs... NOT the Palestinian Arabs in the so-called "occupied" territories of Judea/Samaria [a.k.a. "West Bank"] and Gaza!!!

   When the Israeli Arabs become the majority (and they certainly will unless pre-emptive measures are taken), they will "democratically" vote out Israel and vote in "Arab Palestine #2" or blend with Arab Palestine #1 (Jordan).  Either the Jewish People will transfer the Arab out of the Land of Israel or they will soon end up transferring the Land of Israel to the Arabs!  After all, in a "democracy"... majority rules.



Make Love AND War!    Every democratic country adopts democracy in a form suited to its particular needs. The reality of the Middle East is that there are 22 Arab countries most of which treat the Jew within their borders like dirt. Some won't even let a Jew set foot on their soil. In the others he is not an equal. All of them are Islamic States by law and the non-Muslim who wants to be left alone is expected to live quietly and know his place.  There is only one Jewish State and it has absolutely NO obligation whatsoever to commit national suicide in order to give their Arabs citizens those rights which the Arab would NEVER grant (nor HAVE ever granted) the Jew if the shoe were on the other foot!  Besides, there is not even one truly democratic state in the Arab world! So let them put THEIR own houses in order before they lecture Israel on the principles of democracy!



    In a genuinely "JEWISH State," how can an Arab be an equal when that State has an Independence Day celebrating his defeat. Its flag isn't that of its people. He isn't trusted to serve in the army. His cousin born in Haifa and fled during the 1948 War of Independence cannot return... yet any Jew who never lived there before is welcomed with open arms. In short, Israel is his enemy's country, not his. So how can an Arab truly be a loyal citizen in a Jewish State? Simply, they cannot... and they must go!

...our "peace partners?"
Israel's "Peace Partners?

Thanks to peace negotiations, Israel now sees the Great Abyss... 
and it is right below her feet!


As with oil and water, some things just don't mix. 
The experiment of Jewish-Arab co-existence called "Israel" 
will not work. Grant the Leadership of Israel the wisdom to acknowledge this and stop wishing Israel into oblivion!



Rabbi Meir Kahane

Meir Kahane warned us...
"If you don't choose Kahane,
you're going to get Arafat!"

(And that is exactly what's happening today ... Israel has Arafat!)

Rabbi Meir Kahane

Had more Jews listened to Rabbi Kahane 25 years ago, Israel would have avoided both Intifadas and saved countless Jews AND Arab lives.  Now, as the war escalates every day, ALL of Israel is realizing that he was indeed right!

Watch and listen to Rabbi Kahane
and then YOU decide for yourself!

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