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More about XPlay Technology Preview 1
XPlay Frequently-Asked Questions
XPlay News

Please send XPlay news to the e-mail address below.

What is XPlay?

First off, this is indeed the software formerly called XPod.  We hope you like the new name.

If you've seen the fabulous new Apple iPod, you are probably in agreement with all of the reviewers who are impressed by it, and some who proclaim it the best personal MP3 player ever to hit the market.

You are probably also as surprised as the reviewers are that the iPod doesn't work with Windows!

Cross-platform computing is what Mediafour does best, so we're readying an affordable new software package called XPlayXPlay  enables iPod owners using Windows Me, 98SE, 2000 and XP to use the iPod for cross-platform file transfer, play their iPod songs under Windows, and transfer their PC-based MP3 collections to the iPod for on-the-go listening.

A public preview is now available.  All you need is an iPod and a Windows Me, 98SE, 2000 or XP computer with a FireWire port.

If you want to simply use the iPod as a hard drive, and be able to play iPod music on your Windows PC, our popular MacDrive product will do the trick, and it's available right now.

Want to know the moment XPlay news is available?  Just type your e-mail address in the box to the left, and we'll let you know.

Rest assured that we'll use these email addresses only to inform people about XPlay, and never for anything else.  If you give us your email address below, we'll use it for just this one purpose.  Guaranteed.

Have a question that just can't wait, or perhaps a suggestion regarding XPlay?  Feel free to email us.

Members of the press needing additional details or wishing to arrange interviews should email press@mediafour.com.