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What is it?

Gates Dollars will take the cost of an item (Cost For You) and your wealth (Your Wealth) and try and calculate how much it would cost in "Gates Dollars" (Cost For Gates) -- as if you had the wealth of Bill Gates. Try it out, just fill out the form below and click "Run the numbers!"

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Will this site become Ellison Dollars?

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft:
Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle:

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About Gates Dollars

Gates Dollars is is a TCL program running on the free and open-source AOLserver based on Brad Templeton's Bill Gates Wealth Index and uses Philip Greenspun's Bill Gates Wealth Clock code to calculate Bill's wealth. You may want to view the source which was written by Aaron Swartz and tested by Ben Swartz. The concept is based on a discussion had with Andy H. If you hate this, there's still a chance you'll like the Info Network, my not-an-Internet-Startup organization dedicated to bringing real information to real people so they can do real things. Just in case you're interested, here's Microsoft's page on Bill Gates. (To people at Microsoft: It's just a joke -- you know, humor, ha ha funny. Oh well.)

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If you have any comments about Gates Dollars, any at all, you have my number. I'm interested in your feedback. Just email me at - the info network

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