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Modern Day Vampires

In this day and time vampires have it easy. Our streets are crowded with the homeless, youngsters that have run away from home, the mentally off that our society totally neglects, and party goers and those out for a night on the town. When vampires feed; late at night in darkness, they have plenty of "food" to choose from. Most vampires that work urban areas are presented as young beautiful girls in their 20's. Many men have died letting the little head think for the big one. Wow, I got a fine looking gal for party time tonite....not knowing that the party they were going to was not going to be much fun for themselves.... Depending on the vampire and his personality determines whats on the menu. Most people that end up as vampire food are not even reported missing. Who is going to report a homeless person as missing. The Police would say sure" we'll look for him" and the report goes in the trashcan. A kid that has ran away from home is another No one looks for. Vampires have learned over the centuries to cover their tracks pretty well. The notion that vampires are not originally from this planet has been around for several centuries. Maybe it is they who fly around in UFO's and been identified as "shooting stars" even in our own Bible. If you would like to read about my First Kill click on the below box and read about the first face to face encounter I had with a vampire almost 25 years ago now. My best friend at the time Joe. S. was killed by a vampire. I will add different encounters on a weekly basis of the over 30 vampires I have encountered. Some I killed, some ran to other areas of this earth, and some are well hidden after our meetings. Be sure also to let me know of any Vampire tales, encounters, or if you know where a vampire is actively feeding. Tex.......
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