So what herbs can I vaporize?  The best herbs for vaporizing have a high moisture and oil content.  Excellent selections of herbals can be found on the web for reasonable prices.  Learn everything you can about the herbs you try in the vaporizer.  KNOW the published dosage and effects of the herbs you use.   Here are some herbs suitable for vaporizing:

Leonotis leonurus  (Wild Dagga)  Used in Eastern medicine for itís euphoric and purgative properties.*  Can also be made into a medicinal tea. 

Turnera diffusa  (Damiana)   Damiana soothes tension, anxiety, and mild depression.* It also has an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac. 

Other herbs suitable for vaporizing include mint, Kava Kava, mullein, ginseng (soak first), lemon grass, ecinacea, lobelia, wolfberry, valerian, clove (ground coarse), plantain, peppermint, and rose petals.  Some of these require preparation, like drying, soaking, or coarse grind.  You can mix your own vaporizing blend, similar to Native American Powwow blends.  Use plenty of mint or peppermint to keep the taste on the sweet side.

Salvia Divinorum warning:  This herb is NOT for recreational use.  Enjoy Salvia in the vaporizer  ONLY WITH RESPONSIBLE SUPERVISION.

Herb suppliers:

Check out these sites for very helpful information on herbs, their origin and use.



Some testimonials..... 



Subject:   (no subject)

Date:   Thu, 7 Jun 2001 04:34:57 EDT


Dear Vapor Brothers, 


Not that long ago, I was introduced to this funny looking contraption and was  

told that it gave hits like nothing else I had ever experienced.  I was  

doubtful until I had three hits in a row.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!  Immediately  

after I regained composure, I declared that it definitely worked and from  

that point on I became a true believer.  I have never found anything like  

this and nothing else has ever worked so well.  I commend the inventors and I  

fully support this cause.  I have told everyone I know how amazing this  

product is, but I know once they try it, then they will believe like I do.   

Keep up the good work guys and thank you again. 





To: <>


Hey what's happenin'?
I just purchased 2 of your vaporizers from a friend of yours here in
Santa Monica...Fucking Tremendous! ........Thanks for the Vapor!

Herb &
Legend Brewing Co. 


To:  <>

Subject: vaporizer

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2001 07:24:40 -0800

DEAR, DEAR MR. Vapor I BigLuv am contacting you to inform you that your product has changed my life.  I have been in search of a vaporizing unit that really works for several years, and have spent ridiculous amounts of time and money in the process.  I had given up my hunt for "vaportron" as I like to call it until I came across your product recently through a mutual friend of ours.  Needless to say I have purchased your ingenious device for a great price and I have hardly made love to ... any other way but yours.  I would like to offer my congratulations, support and respect to you and your associates feel free to contact me anytime.  

P.S. I could really use an extra glass and a poker.

P.P.S. My word of mouth is your best advertisement

   sincerely BigLuv

To: <>

Subject: how much i love to vaporize my friends.

"how much i love to vaporize my friends."
- by pdcorn

my friends used to come over and visit me from time to time
we would talk and laugh and choke & cough until we were red in the face.
now i vaporize them and we laugh and talk about how much more [altitude] we [gain].
Your design works better than the other ones I've experimented with. It's
simple and there's no waiting around between hits. Nice job fellas. My
lungs and throat both thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here's to you
health and success!

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Our vaporizer will be mass produced someday, but will look very different than it does today.   We still hand build our vaporizers; hence the simple appearance and utilitarian nature.  We are only known by word of mouth and this website.

We are always looking for new people to contribute to Vaporbrothers.  Investors interested in bringing this vaporizer to mass production should contact us immediately.  Woodworkers are welcome to apply for a position.  If you are interested in working, email Joyce VaporChu.




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